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   Chapter 537 Dream Gallery (Part Two)

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"Okay, okay. Let's go!" Leona didn't know what to say. But after being amused by him, she was not as heavy as two days ago. He was right. No matter what kind of life she had to live, only when she had enough energy could she wait for Eden to come back!

"I'm so tired. You have to treat me a big meal!" Hansome said!

"Okay, let's have a big meal!" The two of them also left the cafe!

It was the first time that York had come to Dream Gallery in the daytime. He seldom came here in the daytime. He usually came here to paint at night when he couldn't fall asleep. Today, for some reason, he suddenly wanted to have a look!

As soon as she entered the gallery, he heard someone whispering, "I didn't expect the woman in the painting to be so young. I thought she was an old woman. I guess that woman must be very moved when she sees these paintings!"

"Of course. If someone drew so many paintings for me, I will marry him without hesitation!"

York frowned. The woman in the painting came. The woman who had appeared in his dreams countless times finally appeared. He had been looking for her for a long time. He wanted to ask her face to face what the relationship was between them. Why did he have such a deep impression on her?

He called a worker over and asked, "you said the woman in the painting appeared? Where is she now?"

"She went out with Miss Li. He seems to be in the cafe over there!" The staff said!

Before the woman finished her words, York strode out and met Janie who was coming back. York stepped forward and grabbed Janie's arm. He said anxiously, "the woman in the painting has appeared? Where is she?"

Looking at the anxious look on York's face, Janie felt as if her heart had been overturned. The pain and sorrow instantly filled her heart. She was his fiancee, and he had never seen her in his eyes. It was so unfair that

t that he couldn't breathe. What was the relationship between her and that man?

After leaving the cafe, York didn't go back to the gallery. He knew that even if he asked Janie again, she wouldn't tell him the truth, or she wouldn't have hidden it from him before!

But even if Janie didn't tell him, he believed that he would find her sooner or later. It was just a matter of time!

When York returned to the company, he took out the photo he had taken in the cafe and looked at it carefully. He didn't even realize that his eyes were full of tenderness!

After a short while, a knocked on the door was heard!

"Come in!"

A man in his more than 30 years old, wearing sportswear and peaked cap, came in and sat on the chair opposite York. "What's up?"

York handed the photo to him and said, "I want you to help me check all the information about the people in the photo, including her relationship with me!" Then he took out a check and wrote a series of numbers on it. "This is the deposit for you. I hope it will be as soon as possible. After it is done, I will transfer the balance to you!"

The man took the check and the photo, looked at it carefully and said with satisfaction, "I'll give you the result in three days!"

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