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   Chapter 530 Quarrel (Part One)

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Hansome ignored the sarcasm of Greg. He was relieved to see that they were safe. Moreover, he knew that even if he asked what they had met last night, Greg would not tell him. What was worse is that he might even arise Greg's suspicion!

Hansome turned around and walked towards Leona, saying, "CEO Ling, we are going to meet the factory this morning. I'm afraid that you might forget, so I'm waiting for you here!"

With a ridiculous smile, Leona said, "I almost forget it if you don't tell me. Let's go in!" Then she turned to Greg and said, "I'm going in!"

"Okay, I'll pick you up after work!" Greg answered. Before Leona opened the door and got out of the car, he suddenly pulled her arm and pulled her into his arms. Before Leona figured out what was going on, Greg kissed her on the forehead and looked at Hansome provocatively!

"Ah!" Startled by the strange action of Greg, Leona blushed at the thought that this was the entrance of the company. She glared at Greg and said, "What are you doing? This is the company!"

With a sly smile, Greg said, "of course I know this is the company, but I know you are my wife. No one can say anything about me kissing my own wife!" His voice was neither loud nor low, just heard by Hansome who was standing in front of the car!

"Well, stop it. I'm going to work!" Leona pushed him away and got out of the car quickly, walking towards the company!

As for Greg, he turned the steering wheel and drove away from the Wei Group. At this time, his phone rang again. Greg picked up the phone and heard an angry voice from Alice, "Greg, why don't you answer my phone?"

Ignoring her question, Greg asked directly, "where are you? I'm coming to you!"

As soon as Alice heard that Greg was coming to her, she stopped being angry and quickly said, "I'm in the Tranquil Villa. When will you arrive, Brother Greg?"

"Half an hour!" As soon as Greg finished speaking, he hung up the phone. Half an hour later, he appe

ofa and looked at Greg sadly. She didn't expect that he would do this to her. She looked at the back of Greg and complained, "in fact, you are not like what you try to act like. You have some feelings for me. Otherwise, why don't you dare to look at me? Don't you have something to talk to me? Well, let's talk about it!"

Through the glass, Greg saw the resentment on Alice's face. He didn't have a crush on the woman in front of him, nor did he have any feelings for her. Before he met Leona, he had been surrounded by countless women, all of whom were either good-looking or enchanting.

And the reason why he did so was to respect her. After all, her identity was different from those women. Even if he ignored himself, he could not ignore Hanson Group behind her!

But it was ridiculous for Alice to think that she could restrain him in this way. Seeing that Alice was going to waste time with him, Greg didn't care to face her. Since she didn't care about it herself, why should he be afraid? Besides, he didn't do anything at all!

Greg turned around and looked at Alice, without any panic or infatuation in his eyes. He stared at her and said, "That's all right. I came to you today just to ask if you were the package you sent to Leona and if you had sent someone to make trouble at our place."

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