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   Chapter 524 A False Alarm (Part One)

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On the way, Greg was driving, while Leona was sitting on the passenger seat. The two of them didn't speak, and the car fell into silence!

But Leona still had a shadow in her heart, and Greg was thinking about asking Alice about it later. He couldn't confirm it on the phone, so he had to talk with her face to face!

All of a sudden, Greg looked at the rearview mirror of the car and felt something wrong. After they came out of the hospital, a car followed them not far away!

Greg frowned as usual. It seemed that the other party still didn't give up. Anger rose in his heart all of a sudden. He looked sideways at the silent Leona. If she hadn't been sitting here, he would have already stepped on the gas and shook off the other party!

But they couldn't just let that car follow them like this. If the other party discovered their apartment, it would be more dangerous for Leona and Eden, so he had to get rid of it!

Greg's eyes swept across the department store not far away, and a smile appeared on his face. He had an idea, so he stepped on the gas and drove there!

With a creak, the car stopped in the parking lot downstairs of the department store. Then he unfastened the seat belt and said, "Leona, let's get out of the car!"

Hearing what Leona said, Greg, who was wandering around, also unfastened the safety belt and took the car out. However, when she stood on the ground and saw the department store in front of her, she found that it was not their apartment. She looked at Greg in confusion and asked, "Aren't we going home? Why are we here?"

With a slight smile, Greg put his arm around Leona's shoulder and said, "Nothing. I just want to buy you and Eden some gifts to calm you down!"

"No need. It's late now. Let's go back as soon as possible. Eden will be afraid!" Looking at him, Leona refused!

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, it's already late. It is fine for Lina is w

Greg returned to the apartment with Leona. When the elevator door opened, they found that the door and wall were covered with blood!

"Ah..." Frightened, Leona almost fell to the ground, but she didn't retreat. Instead, she ran directly to the door of the apartment. At the same time, she hurriedly took out the key to open the door from her bag!

Eden and Lina were still inside. How were they doing now?

"Damn it! Who did this?" As soon as Greg turned around, he saw the horrible scene. He grabbed hold of Leona who was about to open the door and looked around with his eagle like eyes. He wondered if the person who had done all this was still here.

"Let go of me! Why is there so much blood here? I need to go inside and see how Eden is doing." Leona struggled with all her strength. Kitty's death had cast a huge shadow on her. Kitty had always been with Eden. If Kitty was killed cruelly, what about Eden? Would he be in danger?

Leona] hated herself very much. It was all her fault. If she hadn't fainted at that time, she would have come back as soon as possible and Eden might have been fine!

"Leona, calm down. The security here is very good. Eden will be fine!" Greg didn't plan to enter the apartment before he was sure that it was safe around!

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