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   Chapter 521 Mysterious Package (Part Two)

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There was a dead cat in the box, which was bloody and mangled. Its intestines were piled up on the dead cat's body, giving off a smell of blood!

"What's wrong?" Hansome rushed in with a document in his hand. He was about to find Ling [若可] to sign on it. As soon as he walked out of the elevator, he heard the constant screams and rushed in with a few big strides!

"Ah..." Leona was still screaming, with her eyes tightly closed. Her face was pale with fear, and she squatted in the corner, not daring to move!

"Manager Chai, what do you think?" As a man after all, Levi was bolder. Although he was afraid, he was not as scared as Leona. At this time, he pointed at the box on the ground and showed it to Hansome!

Hansome was shocked at first, and then returned to normal in an instant. After all, he was not an ordinary white-collar worker, but an international criminal police. He had seen a lot of such bloody scenes!

He walked over and closed the box. Then he ordered Levi, "take the box out!"

"I I dare not!" Levi hesitated and stepped back. The bloody scene just now also left a shadow on his heart. Who was so wicked to send the dead cat here?

Hansome widened his eyes and said, "you are a man. Why are you afraid? It's just a dead cat. Take it out quickly!"

"I... I'll call the security!" Levi ran out quickly to find the security!

At this time, Hansome had come close to Leona. He squatted beside her and said softly, "Leona, it's all right. It's just a false alarm. It has already been taken out!"

However, Leona did not recover from the shock. She still held her head with her hands and screamed continuously, with great fear in her heart!

As soon as the suitcase was opened, she recognized at a glance that it was Kitty, which was bought by Greg for Eden a few days ago. Every day after work, she would feed Kitty and bathe it with Eden. She clearly remembered the features of Kitt

exclusive elevator and directly started the car downstairs. At this time, Greg also ran over with Leona in his arms. Hansome stepped on the accelerator hard and the car rushed to the hospital at full speed.

The Wei Group's building was located in the prime location of the city center, and there was a hospital not far away from here. Hansome drove very fast and arrived at the hospital in three minutes!

Finally, after sending Leona to the emergency room and calming down, Greg remembered to ask what Hansome had happened. Although he was so angry with the scene that Hansome held Leona that he lost his mind, when he calmed down, he found something strange and asked, "what happened?"

Hansome looked at him angrily. To be honest, he had a good impression of Greg, but Greg was too impulsive. When he entered the Wei Group two years ago, Greg was not like this!

At that time, Greg had always been a mysterious man in his eyes. However, through the recent events, he found that Greg would only become impulsive when it came to the matter of Leona. Perhaps it was just because that he cared too much!

"Someone sent a package to Leona. There is a dead cat in it. She was frightened. Think about it. Did you offend someone?" Hansome briefly told him what had happened!

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