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   Chapter 516 Being Caught (Part One)

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As the hot pot and dishes were served one after another, Alice's face was obviously a little strange. She pointed at the rolling countless peppers and a thick layer of oil, and said with a lingering fear, "Brother Greg, are you sure this can is eatable?"

Greg smiled for the first time today and said, "of course, it tastes great. It's my favorite. I eat it at least once a day. We'll live together in the future. You can't refuse it!" Then Greg quickly put the vegetables and meat on the table into the hot pot!

Soon, the hot pot boiled. Greg felt spicy just by looking at it. Not to mention eating, he took out a piece of mutton and vegetables and put them in Alice's plate. He said enthusiastically, "have a try. It tastes good!"

Alice looked at Greg happily, picked up the meat and vegetables from the plate and put them into her mouth, chewing them slowly!

Greg took a sip of water and looked at Alice without being noticed. He didn't believe that she wouldn't feel spicy about it!

"Wow, it's delicious. Brother Greg, you're so good. I liked spicy food when I was a child. My father once cooked it for me. It's very delicious. But as daddy's business got bigger and bigger, he didn't cook any more. Today I finally ate again. Thank you, Brother Greg!" Alice didn't cry as expected. Instead, she ate with relish. Seeing this, Greg was depressed. If he had known it earlier, he wouldn't have brought her to eat hot pot!

"Brother Greg, why don't you eat? It's really delicious!" As Alice spoke, she also picked up a piece of meat for Greg and put it on the plate!

Greg looked at Alice suspiciously. Was the food cooked by this hotpot restaurant not as spicy as before? Otherwise, why didn't she feel anything?

Confused, Greg picked up the meat on the plate and put it into his mouth. A pungent and choking smell instantly filled his taste bud!

"Cough, cough, cough..." Greg coughed violently and felt a burning sensation

birthday party eight years ago. Since then, no other men can enter my heart anymore. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come all the way here to see you!" Alice interrupted him before Greg could finish his words!

Greg didn't expect that Alice would say something like that. He didn't know how to continue and said anxiously, "no, Alice, listen to me. In fact, I don't think we are suitable for each other, so I think it's necessary to cancel our engagement!"

Greg said everything he wanted to say in one breath and felt relieved. If it weren't for his grandfather behind Alice, he wouldn't have been patient to talk nonsense with her!

Alice looked at Greg in shock. Her big eyes were filled with tears in an instant. She asked in disbelief, "Brother Greg, what do you mean? Have you changed your mind?"

Alice didn't control her voice. For a moment, everyone around heard her. They turned around and looked at the table. It was easy to see from their expressions that they were dissatisfied with Greg!

Greg glanced around coldly. The powerful aura emitted from him instantly made those onlookers turn around and stop looking at them!

Greg patiently explained to Alice, "Alice, I hope you can understand that we have never started and I have never liked you. How could I change my mind?"

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