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   Chapter 512 Marriage For Business (Part One)

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Hanson Group was a well-known commercial group in Europe. Although it was not as powerful as grandfather's Will Group, it was also a strong group!

Seven years ago, at Howard's birthday party, Howard and Alice's father were trying to make a match between Greg and Alice. Alice's father was Chinese, and her mother was European. She was a mixed blood girl and looked quite charming!

Once the marriage between Hanson Group and Will Group was formed, it would be a historical cooperation. The alliance of the two groups would make Will Group, a commercial kingdom, stronger!

In this way, the Golden Eagle, which had always been against Howard, would be absolutely suppressed. This was also the main reason why Howard chose to form such a relationship with Hanson Group!

Moreover, marriage for business was a common thing in the business world. When Alice saw Greg for the first time, she was deeply infatuated with him, which made the two's parents happy!

Alice was the only daughter and the only heir of the president of Hanson Group. With her huge wealth and incomparable beauty, no man could refuse her!

But Alice was still young at that time. The parents of the two sides decided to hold a wedding with Greg after Alice graduated from college. By that time, the marriage of the two groups would shock the whole European market!

It didn't matter to Greg at that time. Anyway, he would never fall in love with any woman in his life, so he agreed to marry any woman!

However, seven or eight years had passed, and he had already forgotten about it. If it weren't for Alice's sudden arrival, he wouldn't even remember it!

But now she came here, which made Greg feel embarrassed. He knew it was almost impossible for his grandfather to accept Leona, and that was also the reason why he had never proposed to her!

He had planned to use Eden's relationship to persuade his grandfather to accept their marriage, but last time when hi

se I have to come to see you. I'm your fiancee. You haven't come to see me for so many years, so I have to come to see you. I know you are busy, and I won't blame you!"

Greg took Alice's hand off his arm. Now he didn't like other women to get too close to him except for Leona. The heavy perfume on Alice stimulated his sense of smell, which made him frown!

"Brother Greg, this is the first time I've come to China since I was born. Can you take me out for a walk?" Ignoring Greg's resistance, Alice held his arm again and hung half of her body tightly on Greg!

Greg pushed her aside again and said sarcastically, "your first time to China? You speak Chinese quite fluently!"

In the face of the sarcasm of Greg, [Alice bit her lips with grievance, and then followed Greg again, regardless of his indifference. She held his arm again and said, "I learned Chinese at college. That's for your. When my father asked me to learn Chinese, I didn't even do it. In order to learn Chinese well, he had put a lot of effort!"

"No one wants you to learn!"

"Brother Greg! Why are you doing this? Grandpa Wei and my dad specially asked me to come here and ask us to cultivate our relationship. You can't do this to me!" Alice couldn't stand Greg's words anymore and shouted with dissatisfaction!

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