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   Chapter 510 Alice (Part One)

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At the exit of the airport, a plane bound for C City from Europe landed. Countless passengers got off the plane. A tall, fashionable beauty with sunglasses walked out!

Although the large Sunglasses almost covered half of her face, it couldn't cover up her amazing beauty. The black hair like a waterfall poured down on her back, and her skin was so white and flawless. The crisp sound of her high heels stepping on the ground attracted the attention of countless people around!

The woman seemed to be used to receiving attention. She ignored the gazes around her and walked outside!

At the exit of the airport, a group of men in black suits stood there, led by an old man of more than 50 years old. Everyone looked at the exit expressionlessly, emitting a murderous aura, and people passing by all detoured!

The woman came to the old woman. The old woman bowed to her and said, "Miss Alice, our Lord ordered that you can live in Tranquil Villa after coming to C City. We are here to pick you up!"

The woman nodded and took off her sunglasses, revealing an exceedingly beautiful face, which could even be described as perfect. There was no flaw on her beautiful face!

She had a full forehead, long hair like clouds, two eyebrows like a pair of watery big eyes blinking in the distant mountain, like the stars in the sky, a small nose, and a small cherry mouth below!

She was wearing the latest clothes of Milan Fashion Festival. The perfect proportion made her look more charming than models. Her long legs and golden high-heeled shoes made her look fashionable and noble!

Although she had black hair, her eyes were rare purple and her whole body was full of exotic charm. She was a typical mixed-breed!

She smiled at the old woman and said in fluent Chinese, "thank you, Uncle Zhang. Where is Brother Greg? I want to see him first. I haven't seen him for many years. I want to see if Brother Greg has changed. I guess he doesn't know me after so many years.

The old man called Uncle Zh

Looking at them helplessly, Leona stood up and put away the bowls and chopsticks. At the same time, Greg came to the kitchen to help. With a duster cloth in his hand, he took over the clean bowl of Leona and wiped it!

After dinner, the family of three came to a nearby square for a walk. Seeing that many people came out with cats and dogs, Eden also raised his head to look at Leona and said, "Mommy, let's also keep a cat, okay?"

"It's good that Eden likes it. But you have to take care of it. You have to feed it every day, bathe it and walk it. Can you do that?" Said Leona, touching her son's head!

"Of course. I will take good care of it!" Eden made the promise sincerely!

"Okay. I'll take Eden to the animal store to buy a cat tomorrow!" Greg tried to please him!

"Great!" Eden cheered. The sunshine of the setting sun shone on the three of them, and the surroundings were filled with happiness!

The three of them took a long walk on the square, and finally the night replaced the sunshine at sunset. The people on the square had gradually dispersed. Greg looked at the dark sky and said, "Let's go back to rest. You have to go to the company tomorrow. It's better to have an early rest!"

"Okay!" Leona nodded obediently, and then walked towards the apartment holding one hand of Eden while Greg held the other.

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