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   Chapter 508 Be An Ordinary Couple (Part One)

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Greg didn't want to meet Boris, so he wanted to refuse by instinct. But when he saw the obvious begging look on Leona's face, he couldn't say anything to refuse. He could only nod and say, "Okay, I'll meet him, but I can't promise to forgive him!" This was his last compromise. After all, this hatred had followed him for more than ten years. It was impossible to let it go!

Leona also understood this and naturally wouldn't force him anymore. In fact, she was very happy that he could agree to meet Boris. At least it proved that he cared about her very much, otherwise he wouldn't agree!

"Thank you!" Squatting beside him, Leona rested her head on his legs. The remaining sunshine of the setting sun shone on her hair, emitting a faint golden light!

Greg stroked her silky hair. At this moment, he was very satisfied. As long as she was happy, he was willing to do whatever he could to achieve what she wanted!

"By the way, have you got your driving license? At least there should be a car, or it's very troublesome to take a taxi every day, especially when it's in the rush hour or when you go to a remote place. I'll ask someone to drive my car here for you tomorrow!" Greg suddenly said!

"Your car?" It occurred to Leona that Greg's car was all luxury limousines and Jeeps, which were not suitable for her to drive. She frowned and said, "no, thanks!"

After thinking for a while, Greg denied his previous words and said, "Well, I agree. I don't believe in your driving skills. If the car is damaged, you can change it. I don't want to worry about your safety all day long. I'd better drive you to and off work by myself after I leave the hospital. Anyway, I can remove the stitches in two days. It won't take long!"

His caring words warmed Leona's heart. She was moved and said, "well, but I can't afford your salary!"

Laughing, Greg touched her hair and said, "I'm very cheap. I don't need any salary. As long as you can take me to live with you. I promise it will be worth it. I can not o

hat. It's also out of kindness. Why do you say that?"

However, Joe waved his hand and said, "It doesn't matter. He is just like this. All of our friends are used to it. Since there is nothing wrong, you can leave the hospital! As for Eden's medicine, I will fly to France tomorrow. As soon as possible, I will discuss with the expert team and try to develop a medicine that can completely remove the residual toxins in his body as soon as possible!"

The car outside was already waiting for them. Leona held Eden in her arms, followed by Greg. Someone moved all the things into the car, and then drove towards the apartment where Leona lived!

Standing in the apartment, Greg frowned and said, "is this the only house left?" He had left her seven or eight houses, and she had sold them all?

Leona rolled her eyes at him and said, "I think this place is good enough for me and Eden to live here!"

"It's enough for you to live here. What about me?" Greg said discontentedly!

"You? My place is too small to hold you to live in, so you can go anywhere you like!" Said Leona arrogantly. He should be sorry for putting on a long face for her before.

"No, I have to live with my wife and son. How can a family of three be separated? I won't agree. I decide to live here for the time being!" Then he walked towards Leona's bedroom!

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