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   Chapter 505 An Appointment With Boris Li (Part Two)

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"This is the second thing I want to talk about with you today. I want you to give us a batch of raw materials first. Of course, this is not free of charge. We will pay you twenty percent more than the market price, but only after our goods are put on the market. And we are willing to show our greatest sincerity to show our importance to this cooperation. I am willing to exchange five percent of the shares of the Wei Group with you, so that you can make a higher profit in the future!"

"CEO Ling, do you think the stock of the Wei Group can change my mind now?" Juan hit the nail on the head. Although Greg had asked him to agree to Leona's request, Greg also required that he couldn't let her notice anything, so it was better to act real!

"Our company's planning department has already worked out several big plans, and now we only need to implement them. Once the money is paid, it will be put into operation immediately. I firmly believe that the future of the Wei Group will definitely be more promising than before!" Said Leona firmly. She was full of hope for all this!

Then Juan also got to know more about Leona's plan of the future. The meeting lasted more than two hours before it ended. In the end, Juan said that he would try his best to facilitate the cooperation. He would hold a meeting with the top managers of the company. Once the plan was passed, he would sign the contract immediately!

"Wish us a successful cooperation!" Juan stood up politely and shook hands with Leona and Hansome. "It's noon now. How about we having a lunch together?"

"Mr. Wan. I'm supposed to be the host, but it's really inconvenient today. I have an appointment with a client at noon. How about holding a celebration party on the day we sign the contract?" said Leona with a smile.

"All right!" Juan didn't insist. He sent Leona and Hansome out of the office. Seeing them enter the elevator, Juan took out his phone and dialed a number. The phone was quickly connected

there. After all, he was the manager of the advertising department and his subordinates were in charge of the planning department. He had a lot of work to do!

And she didn't want others to know about it, so she took a taxi to the appointed place, the eastern suburbs!

It used to be a nursing home, but later it was bought by Greg and a large shopping mall was built. It was called Magnolia General Merchandise, and a commercial circle was built around it. It was totally different from the previous scene!

Leona asked the driver to park the car behind Magnolia General Merchandise and in front of a row of residential houses that hadn't been developed. This was the place Boris had appointed with her!

There was an alley in front of her, which was totally in a mess compared with the commercial street not far away. After searching for a long time, Ling Leona finally found the Old Chen's Bun Shop that Boris mentioned!

The two steamers at the door emitted blazing steam, and there were a few old tables and chairs inside. Because it was not the time for dinner, there were not many people. Looking inside, an old man in plain clothes was sitting by the only window in the room!

Leona recognized that this was the old woman she had met several times outside the ward, so she walked inside immediately.

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