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   Chapter 501 Men Can't Cry (Part Two)

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It turned out that he didn't just want her to give birth to his child. At that time, he didn't allow any woman to have his child, but so what? Her child was still killed by him. Before it was born, it was brutally killed by its own father. He was an executioner!

"So you killed our first child cruelly. If he could live, now he would be seven years old now!" As they recalling the memories, Leona also thought of the child who had never been in this world!

"No. Although I wanted you to have an abortion at that time, you were hit by a car before I could take action!" Said [司谌] honestly. He would admit whatever he had done!

"Mr. Wei, it's done. I knocked down Leona and she bled a lot. She will definitely have a miscarriage..." Leona would never forget what the man who hit her in the car said before she fell into a coma that day!

"Greg, I used to hate you, but at least you are an upright man. No matter what bad things you have done, you dare to admit it! But now you really make me look down upon you. You feel that your hands are stained with the blood of your own flesh and blood, but you dare not admit it. Are you afraid that the child will come to you at midnight? I can't imagine that people like you can also be afraid!" Hearing Greg's deny, Leona became more agitated!

As a habit, Greg frowned. Facing the excitement of [Leona, he didn't show any sign of being angry or anxious. He said, "I dare to admit what I have done. I really didn't want that child at that time, and I had arranged a doctor to perform the operation for you. But before I could do it, you had a car accident!"

As this matter was mentioned by Leona, Greg's mind returned to the past. He still remembered that it was Samuel who sent her to the hospital. At that time, he also blamed that the child was her and Samuel's!



Her heart was full of struggle. She didn't know if she should believe him or not. Now, Leona was like a frightened bird. She didn't know what he said was true or not, so she could only look at him blankly!

"At the beginning, I missed you so much, but gradually I felt desperate. I put myself into work. Maybe you don't believe that I didn't even touch a woman in the five years since you left! It was not until I met you in England that I felt my heart revived again. You can't imagine how excited I was at that time, but when I knew that you were going to marry York, I fell into madness again. Because I can't imagine that you will live with a man other than me, which will make my life worse than death, so I choose to hurt you again, but I really don't want to do this in my heart, you know?" Greg choked with sobs!

He raised his head, only in this way could the water at the corners of his eyes not boil into tears. He was a man, and he could not cry.

Every word he said hit deeply on the heart of Leona. She had never thought that in his heart, she was so important. For a moment, her feelings for him were like a stormy wave in her heart, which rushed out through the wall that she built hard.

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