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   Chapter 500 Men Can't Cry (Part One)

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"Really?" Eden, who was about to cry, suddenly became happy!

Hearing that, Leona nodded helplessly and said, "of course it's true. When did Mommy lie to you?"

"Mommy, you can't forget your promise to Eden!" Before Leona put the medicine into his mouth, he was still worried about it!

After feeding her son the medicine, Leona stood up and said to her son, "Eden, stay in the room obediently!"

Finally, it was getting darker and darker outside. Leona finally picked up a coat and walked out. She kept reminding herself that it was not because she was worried about Greg's health that Evan asked her to look for him!

When Leona arrived at the garden behind the hospital, she saw a special nurse sitting on a chair at a glance. She was here, and of course, Greg was nearby. Looking forward, she saw Greg sitting alone on a wheelchair!

At this time, his back was against the foot of the mountain in the setting sun. Before the moon rose, Greg looked so ethereal and blurred, as if he was about to be submerged in the black curtain!

Walking close to the special nurse, Leona said, "you can go back first to look after Eden. I'll take care of here!"

Obviously, the special nurse was a little panic when she saw Leona coming over. It was a special nurse's duty to persuade the patient to go back to rest, but this Mr. Wei would not listen to her at all!

"I tried to persuade Mr. Wei to go in and have a rest several times, but he didn't listen to me!" The special nurse explained!

Leona waved her hand. She knew what kind of person Greg was. He was always the person who gave guidance at the peak of business. Thousands of people had to follow his orders to carry out every job. How could he listen to a small special nurse?

"It doesn't matter. I'll take care of it!" As Leona spoke, she walked towards Greg!

Leona gently came to the back of Greg and put the coat on him. Perhaps it was the quietness of the night that made Leona clearly feel the loneliness from him!

Maybe he was really lonely. She h

years only makes me want to revenge crazily. Everything that can make her painful is what I am most happy about!" Greg was struggling. The painful memories in the past made his expression a little ferocious!

"For the whole eight years, every night I dreamed of my mother lying in a pool of blood. After waking up from the dream, I couldn't fall asleep all night! At that time, I swore that I would avenge my mother for the rest of my life. I would let them pay for their stupidity! But after they divorced, I didn't get the happiness I imagined. Boris fell in love with the younger Jasmine, who was even five or six years younger than me. At that time, she was my fiancee. Can you imagine my feelings? With such a shameless father, I also have that shameless blood in my body!" Greg fumbled in his pocket, took out a box of cigarettes and lit one!

At this moment, he needed to use the tobacco to calm down his excitement. Taking a deep breath, he felt that the smoke had wandered around his lungs. His emotions finally got a buffer!

"At that time, I refused to have any child of my own, because that dirty blood was flowing in my body. I don't want my child to be like this. As long as I don't have a descendant, these dirty blood will disappear along with my death!" Greg looked at the dark sky with empty eyes. There were shiny stars there!

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