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   Chapter 498 Don't Mention Him (Part One)

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In the afternoon, Leona and Hansome met the bank manager, but as expected, they still couldn't loan them. Although they had expected it, they were still a little disappointed!

When Leona returned to the company, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon. Levi told her that the appointment with Lida Industry's Juan would be tomorrow morning. Leona waved her hand, indicating that she knew!

After Levi left, Leona leaned back on the chair behind her tiredly. She rubbed her temples and took out her phone to look at the photo of her and her son. It was a photo of Eden holding her and kissing her on the face. A smile appeared on Leona's face!

Over the years, whenever she felt tired, unhappy, or in trouble, as long as she saw her son, she was instantly full of energy. Eden was all her hope and trust!

However, every time she saw her son, his face, which was very similar to that of Greg, would remind her of Greg, the man she had loved and hated!

Leona recalled the years she had been entangled with Greg. At the beginning, he hated her and tortured her so much. Later, she saw his change. It was impossible for her not to be moved. After all, he was the only man she had loved!

Especially when Greg told her to start a new life with her, Leona's heart throbbed, but she was really scared. He had brought her too much pain in the past, so she just wanted to stay away from him now, fearing that she would fall into the endless abyss again!

This kind of pain was enough for her to experience once all her life. If she had another one, she didn't know if she had the courage to live on!

But she saw and felt everything that Greg had done for her in the past year. She could feel his sincerity, and she almost nodded in his gaze for several times!

But she was afraid that it was another plot of him. After she indulged in his tenderness, he ruthlessly told her that it was just another game of his!

Therefore, she tried her best to escape from him, but t

h the current difficulties, but before that, she had to ask Greg clearly!

It was almost time to get off work. Leona took a taxi back to the hospital. When she pushed the door open, Greg was telling a story to Eden. Seeing her, he said, "You're back? You did a good job today, half an hour earlier than usual. It's worthy of praise!"

Without any time to talk about this with him, Leona directly came to the front of Greg, put the package in front of him and said, "Greg, do you know a person named Boris Li?"

"Boris Li? Why did you mention him? I don't know him!" The smile on Greg's face because of seeing Leona became cold and gloomy in the blink of an eye.

"But..." When Leona was about to tell Greg what had happened today, she was interrupted rudely by Greg, "there is no 'but'. I don't know this person. Don't mention this name in front of me from now on!"

Hearing his sudden violence, Leona shivered. She didn't know how long he hadn't spoken to her in this way. Biting her lower lip, she walked up to Eden!

As expected, he didn't change. The tenderness and sweetness he had shown before were just illusions. This was the real Greg!

Feeling the silence of Leona, Greg realized that he was too excited. He calmed down and said, "Leona, don't be angry. I didn't mean to yell at you. I just Alas!"

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