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   Chapter 496 Leona Just Wait And See (Part One)

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The ward finally quieted down. Both Leona and Eden had fallen asleep, but Greg opened his eyes and looked out of the window. He was a little annoyed and wanted to smoke, but he looked at them on another bed and finally gave up the idea!

According to the description of Leona, he thought he knew who had been lingering outside their ward, but it shouldn't be that person.

In the heart of Greg, that man had always been confident and flamboyant, wishing that everyone knew his identity and wealth, and his fickleness made his mother die young at such a young age. He would never forgive that person!

On the early morning of the second day, after having breakfast with Greg and her son, Leona rushed to the company. She had a lot of work to do today, and every minute was precious to her!

Yesterday, the manager of the real estate department, Charlotte, the manager of the planning department and the manager of the production department left one after another, and the office of the three of them was empty. Leona asked Levi to inform a meeting to study the current solution, and then walked towards the meeting room!

In the morning, it was still Hansome who came to the company with her. On the way, Hansome gave her a document, on which there were several customer managers of several major banks. In the next two days, they must meet them as soon as possible to talk about the loan!

Although last night, Greg had asked Leona to look for Lida Industry's Juan. But if Juan refused to cooperate with her, Leona had to make more preparations!

She planned to reshuffle the company's internal cards in the morning, ask Hansome to have dinner with the customer representative of the bank, and then make an appointment with the customer representative of another bank in the afternoon. Then she asked Levi to make an appointment with the Lida Industry, and find a time to talk about the cooperation!

When Leona came to the meeting room, the rest of the department managers and directors were sitting here. Leona said concisely, "the manager of the real estate department of our c

e ground, was no match for Hansome. Sam was dizzy and couldn't tell what was going on, but he was still holding on!

"Just sue me. See who will testify for you here. When we arrive at the police station, I will tell them that you want to steal the company's property. I am just protecting the company's interests! You will be accused of theft and scolded by the police in that case. If you are not afraid of enduring this, you can sue me!" As Hansome spoke, he punched Sam on the belly again, who bowed up with a painful expression!

Now this meeting room was full of employees of the Wei Group. Moreover, Sam was not very popular in the company at ordinary times. What he had done just now was even more disdainful. No one would stand out to speak for him!

"Well, stop!" Seeing that Hansome was almost done, Leona stopped him at the right time. It would be troublesome if he continued. Now the company was in a troubled time, and she couldn't delay the work because of these trifles!

Of course, Hansome knew what to do. Except for the first punch on Sam's face, the rest hit his chest and stomach, and the punch on his face only bled a little nosebleed!

In the past special training, he not only practiced boxing, but also knew where to hit to avoid the wound to be checked out. What's more, he would make the other side suffer a great deal of pain. Sam was really unlucky today!

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