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   Chapter 495 A Strange Old Man (Part Two)

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After dinner, Leona coaxed Eden to sleep and closed her eyes because of tiredness.

However, just a moment later, she opened her eyes again, gently got out of bed, walked to the sofa and turned on her laptop. There were still a lot of work to be done. Now it was the important moment to take over the company, and she had to plan the next step!

"Give me the computer and let me analyze it for you!" Seeing that Leona yawned frequently but still insisted on working, Greg felt sorry for her and asked for help. He founded the Wei Group by himself, and no one knew it better than him!

After thinking for a while, Leona obediently brought the laptop to him and put it on the table on Greg's bed for him to read!

Greg quickly browsed the information and quickly came up with a plan in his mind. He discussed it with Leona!

"Your idea of dividing the company into parts is very good. It can reduce the company's expenses and make the company run quickly in the short term. But I don't recommend you to sell the real estate company. Although the manager of the real estate department has left, you can still promote others to manage the real estate department. As long as you get the land that the government is going to develop, it will not be a problem for the Wei Group to operate!" Greg said quickly!

"But there is still a big hole here. If it is not filled, the company can't run. If the goods that are being processed in the factory can't be driven out, we will have to pay a large amount of liquidated damages. But now we can't continue to produce without money or goods. The end of this month is the deadline. If we still can't find a solution before that, the company will declare bankruptcy!" Said Leona worriedly!

This was the most important problem right now. She had calculated that she couldn't get the money even if she sold the entertainment company, and it was impossible for the entertainment company to sell so easily!

Therefore, the most important thing right now was the shortage of fund

a psychological fatigue. All of a sudden, she remembered something and said, "Recently, there has always been someone coming at the door of the ward. Do you know who it is?"

"What kind of person?" Greg asked immediately. His wound hadn't been stitched, so it was inconvenient for him to get out of bed and walk, so he didn't know who it was!

Then his heart sank. Was the people from Golden Eagle going to take action now? His location was still a secret. Except for a few closest people, no one else knew that he lived here!

If he was really discovered by the people over there, he had to leave as soon as possible, or he would implicate Leona and her son!

"He is about fifty or sixty years old. He wears plain clothes. I once asked him who he was looking for. He just said that he left the wrong ward, but I often see him outside the ward!" Leona recalled carefully and described the man's appearance. Then she said in a strange tone, "it's strange. That man seems to look like you!"

"Maybe she really went to the wrong ward. I'll ask Joe and the special nurse to pay attention to her tomorrow. You should go to bed now!" Greg knew who it was!

Without saying anything more, Leona closed the computer, yawned and said, "well, you go to bed early too!" Then she came to Eden's bed and lay down next to him. Soon she fell asleep!

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