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   Chapter 493 Never Ask Them to Stay (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-10 00:23

As expected, everyone was attracted by what Leona said. After a slow inspection, Leona said, "You haven't asked me if I'm willing to give my shares to you. Now I'm still the largest shareholder, and I don't intend to give them to you. So I'm the president here!'

After saying that, Leona deliberately paused. Seeing that Charlotte and the others were about to speak again, she said before they protested, "If you are willing to continue to work here, you can stay. If you don't want to, leave at any time. I won't force you to stay. The Wei Group won't change because of someone's leaving. That's what I want to say. Now let's make a statement. If you want to lea

ht away!" Then she walked into the CEO's exclusive elevator!

Leona booked a hotel directly, next to a KTV, telling everyone that she would pay for all the expenses tonight!

Because Leona was still thinking about her son, after a few quick bites, Leona stood up and said, "Everyone, enjoy your meal and play as much as you want. I have something to do, so I won't accompany you. After dinner, go to the next room to sing. I have already paid the bill!"

"Goodbye, CEO Ling!" After saying goodbye to each other, Leona left the hotel. Behind her, Hansome rushed out and said, "why don't you stay a little longer? Mr. Wei will be fine with the special nurse!"

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