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   Chapter 492 Never Ask Them to Stay (Part One)

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Charlotte snorted and said, "Humph, it's not necessary to say that. Mr. Wei trusts you so much, but you took away the Wei Group with the help of an outsider. How could such a person make everyone convinced? If we work for such a boss, we will feel insecure. Besides, you only have thirty-five percent of the shares. You are not qualified to be the president at all!"

Charlotte's words immediately received the agreement of others, especially under the help of the production department manager and the planning department manager. All the people agreed, and even the people in other departments began to change their mind!

"Yes, what Manager Hou said makes sense!"

"How could such a person lead such a big company?"

Seeing that the audience were talking about it, Charlotte Hou, the manager of the production department and the manager of the planning department exchanged a look that only they knew. Then they looked at Leona at the same time to see how she could solve this problem!

If she still wanted to take this position, she had to reach an agreement with the three of them. Otherwise, she could only be a commander without soldiers, and the company could not run at all!

Hansome pretended to be calm, but in his heart, he felt lucky because of what Leona had said to him before. Fortunately, Leona had thought about it before, otherwise she would not know what to do in the face of this situation!

Leona was neither in a hurry nor in a hurry. She just smiled and said, "first of all, I'll answer your first question. The thing between Greg and me is our business and has nothing to do with anyone. He gave me the shares. You don't need to ask more about that! Second, although I only have thirty-five percent of the shares, I'm still the biggest and legal shareholder now. Even Samuel fled back from aboard, he will be punished by the law. Third, I'd like to ask what you think will give you a sense of security."

A smug smile appeared on the faces of Charlotte and the other two department managers. What Leona said just hit the nail on the head and Charlotte said, "Now the Wei Group is just an empty company. We don't even know if we get

about who the new CEO would be. Except for a few people, no one noticed that Leona had left!

She quickly picked up the phone and asked, "what's up?"

"Are you in trouble? Do you need me to call those managers and ask them to cooperate with you? I think they will do it for me!" Greg asked with concern. It occurred to Greg after lunch that if Leona wanted to take over the Wei Group, she would definitely be challenged by those people!

"Not now. What if I encounter greater difficulties in the future if I can't even deal with this matter?" Leona refused Greg's kindness. She had her own dignity.

"All right. Call me if anything happens!" Hearing her words, Greg had to give up persuading her!

After hanging up the phone of Greg, Leona went back to the meeting room again. The three managers were still discussing who should be the president!

Looking at this scene coldly, Leona found that there was also discord among Charlotte, the manager of the planning department and the manager of the production department. The three of them had been cooperated with each other earlier, but when the interests were competing, they each showed a greedy face. Everyone wanted to take this position!

After observing for a while, Leona finally decided to end the farce. She knocked on the table two times to draw everyone's attention to her and said, "Have you finished your discussion? I think you have ignored a more important thing!"

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