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   Chapter 491 Break Into Pieces (Part Two)

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After lunch, Hansome said in a somewhat serious tone, "at present, many senior executives in the company are ready to quit the job. I just got the news that the manager of the real estate department, the vice manager of the development department and the manager of the planning department are about to leave. They are all senior employees of Mr. Wei. Mr. Wei didn't come back this time, and the company is in such a situation. They all have some feelings!"

Leona nodded and said, "I've guessed it. It's normal that something like this will happen. With the current situation of the company, it's impossible to continue many stagnant projects. It's better to rearrange personnel and gather the remaining resources, so that we can run as fast as possible!"

"Are you going to reduce the staff?" Hansome asked in confusion!

With a helpless smile, Leona said, "Now it's not that I plan to reduce the staff, but that they have to leave by themselves. They have worked in the industry for many years, and each of them has a certain level of qualifications and resources. Once these experienced employees left, we needed to recruit new people. However, new employees still needed some time to adapt to the work. Moreover, according to our current situation, we estimate that the new comers are all new graduates without working experience and customer resources. Once they are engaged in the work, they will definitely be overwhelmed. Considering this, it's better for us to take our time to our goal. Those who want to leave should leave. If you force them to stay, they might become trouble!"

Hansome also nodded. What Leona said made sense. If the employees were not loyal to their boss, it was easy for them to have personal emotions at work, which would lead to a low work efficiency. The most terrible thing was that if the company's internal situation was revealed to other companies, it would be worse, so it was good for them to leave!

"But in this way, the company's leadership has shrunk a lot. Who will be responsible for their work?" Hansome asked worriedly!

"Break it into pieces!" Said Leona. Just now, she had already come up with a pla

t take it to heart. She continued, "So, from now on, I hope that everyone can work together to restore the company to its former glory!"

Bang, bang, bang, only one person's applause occurred in the meeting room. Everyone looked over there. It was none other than Hansome. Of course, he supported Leona!

As one of the senior executives of the company, no one had the right to control Hansome except the president, so he would not be controlled by anyone else!

"Manager Ling, don't you think it's ridiculous?" An abrupt voice sounded. In this somewhat tensed meeting room, the voice was like a thunder, instantly attracting everyone's attention. The one who spoke was none other than the manager of the real estate department, Charlotte!

He had already contacted the planning manager and the production manager of other companies and was about to leave the Wei Group. But suddenly he heard that Leona was going to take over the company, so the three of them stayed in the office of the real estate manager the whole morning and finally came up with a plan that was good for them!

Looking at Charlotte, Leona said calmly, "why do you think it's ridiculous? Why don't you tell us and let everyone relax for a while. After all, they've been working hard!"

Today's meeting was to know clearly about who would stay in the end and then discuss the specific follow-up matters. Up to now, Leona had had a rough guess in her heart!

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