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   Chapter 489 Obstruction (Part Two)

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"Daddy and I will be good. Bye, Mommy!" Eden waved his little hand and said goodbye to Leona. Anyway, Greg was here with him. He was not lonely at all!

Greg also said, "Go ahead. We're fine. Before we leave the hospital, Joe won't leave!"

Hearing this, Leona walked out with relief. When she left the ward, she saw the plain old woman again. Seeing her come out, the old man left in a hurry!

Looking at the old man's back, Leona felt a little strange. He had been here all these days, which was strange. She remembered that she had asked him who he was looking for yesterday, but he only said that he had gone to the wrong ward, but why was he here again?

Seeing that the time was almost up, Leona walked out quickly without thinking about anything else.

At the gate of the hospital, just as Leona walked here with her bag, a car stopped in front of her with a squeak. The window was rolled down, and a familiar face appeared in her eyes!

"Hi, what a coincidence to meet you here. Let's go to the company together!" Hansome looked at Leona and said!

Leona was also a little strange to meet Hansome here, but she still opened the door and got in. Then she asked, "what a coincidence! Why are you here?"

"I happened to pass by. My place is not far from here!" Hansome said while driving!

It was not until then that Leona realized that his place was not far from here, but he had to turn a corner before he could come here. Did he wait for her here on purpose?

But then Leona felt it was impossible. Hansome had already known the relationship between her and Greg, and they had a child. Hansome couldn't have any other thoughts on her. She must have thought too much. Maybe he just passed by here!

The two of them chatted all the way to the company. Standing under the building of the Wei Group, Leona found that it was still so magnificent. No one knew that during this period of time, it had suffered a devastating blow and almost declared bankruptcy!

She had an indescribable fe

iar with Leona. Although Greg had taken her here to have a rest countless times before, he didn't like her!

After all, Levi didn't know what had happened between her and Greg. In most people's eyes, it was all because that Leona had betrayed Greg and colluded with Samuel to take away the Wei Group!

Most of the employees in the Wei Group were employees of years. They had a certain feeling for this place and Greg, and they couldn't accept it in their hearts!

Leona nodded. Although Levi didn't show any dissatisfaction on the surface, she could feel a hint of disdain in his eyes when he looked at her!

She had thought about it last night. After all, her previous means were not very bright, which was a little different from robbing the Wei Group in the business world. Presumably, in their hearts, they all thought that she was a woman of betray.

And this was also a big obstacle for her to take over the company. A boss couldn't do everything in person. The duty was to make decisions on major events, and the rest should be carried out by the subordinates!

Once these subordinates disowned their boss, it would be very difficult to make Wei Group have a chance to revive again!

This was only the first step of the long journey. There were still more questions waiting for her. Leona felt a dull pain in her head!

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