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   Chapter 487 Hidden Trouble (Part Two)

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Seeing that Leona was having a good time, Greg decided to cooperate. Then he began to sing as Leona did. "There are a group of ducks downstream of the bridge..."

But it was a children's song. Although Greg's voice was good, he didn't know how to sing, and his voice was not suitable for this kind of song. It sounded a little strange, and Leona had already laughed herself to the ground!


Looking at the happy smile on her face, Greg forgot his previous awkwardness and sang even harder. Although he was not able to remove becaasue of the stitches, he also made a gesture with his two hands, which made him look a little clumsy and cute!

"Daddy, Mommy, what are you doing?" Just as Greg was immersed in his song, Eden's voice came from the door. Eden looked at the laughing Leona lying on the bed in the ward, and Greg who was trying hard to sing but was out of tune, and stared at all this!

The special nurse who pushed Eden in behind Sheffield widened her eyes and looked at the two people in disbelief!

Even Joe, who was walking at the end, looked at Greg in surprise. Since when did that cold and ruthless man in the business world become like this? Jo even doubted if he had mistaken him for someone else.

Greg's voice suddenly stopped. For a moment, the ward fell into awkward silence. He touched his nose to cover up his embarrassment and coughed, "well, how's the examination going?"

Joe who first came to his sense didn't answer Greg's question, but said with a mischievous smile, "is this song so popular now? We should have the chance to hear Mr. Wei sing that. The song writer should be honored! "

"Well, let's get to the point. How's your consultation going?" Greg didn't want to talk about this boring thing with him, so he tried to change the topic again!

Finally, Joe stopped joking with Greg. With a serious look on his face

basement. Greg asked worriedly, "Is it harmful to the health of Eden? Is there any way to completely cure it?"

Joe said seriously, "it's very serious. The reason why Eden got sick this time is because of those toxins. If we can't completely get out those toxins, it may cause hidden dangers in some organs of his body in the future. I guess someone wanted to inject him with some kind of drug at that time, but he didn't succeed later. Later, the liquid overturned by Eden evaporated and several unknown potions mixed together to become the current poison. No wonder we haven't found out what it is after a long time!"

"What should we do now? Will Eden be in danger in the future?" Hearing Joe's explanation, Leona became more flustered!

Joe said seriously, "the problem is that we don't know the ingredients of the liquid at that time. Some potions are not poisonous when they are alone, but when they are mixed with other mutually neutralized potions, they may become highly toxic. And according to the situation at that time, it should be some unknown drugs made by some strange scientific people. These are all difficult problems. But don't worry, Eden is also my nephew. I will try my best to detoxify the remaining poison on his body!"

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