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   Chapter 486 Hidden Trouble (Part One)

Money Darling By Mouse Characters: 6555

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Greg was a little moved. He didn't expect that it would be like this, but he had no choice at that time, and he couldn't tell her!

"I'm sorry. It's my fault. Have you returned all York's money?" Greg asked in a low voice. He was not angry at all for Leona returned the money to York. On the contrary, Greg was very happy.

This at least proved that her relationship with York was not as good as he thought. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been clear about it. He didn't want his woman to have money or emotional entanglement with other men!

Ling [若可] nodded and said, "I've paid the money. No matter what, I shouldn't let anyone else pay the money. [逸飞] is my child, and it's my responsibility!"

Greg nodded and said, "Eden is not only your child. Eden is our child. We both have the obligation and responsibility to pay the money back. By the way, how is everything going with the matter of going to the company tomorrow?"

"I don't have any clue. I guess the Wei Group must have suffered a heavy blow this time. It's not that easy to recover in a short time!" Said Leona worriedly!

This time, the Wei Group had suffered a devastating blow, and it was impossible for it to return to its previous state in a short time. All they could do was to try their best!

"It doesn't matter. I believe you can do it. Those old staff in the company will go all out to help you achieve it!" Greg comforted her!

"Anyway, I will try my best, no matter what the final result will be!" Said Leona firmly, regarding this as a way out for both Greg and herself.

"Have you thought about what I told you last time?" said Greg while taking Leona's hand.

"What? What is it?" For a moment, Leona didn't understand what Greg meant!

"Let's start over!" Said Greg, looking at Leona!

"I..." Hearing that, Leona was silent. Up to now, she could not figure out her heart. She had loved Greg deeply in the past, but after experiencing his ruthless injury, she could

" Said Greg with a dark face!

"Learn from your son!"

"Hello, miss. We just know each other. I'm not married. Where does my son come from? Can you teach me?"

"Then listen carefully. There are a group of ducks downstream of the bridge..." Leona felt much more relaxed because of. She began to sing a children's song!

Listening to her singing in a child's voice, Greg was fascinated by her lovely appearance. He liked to see her carefree!

Soon, Leona finished her song. She looked at Greg and said, "I've finished. It's your turn to sing now!"

"What?" Greg touched his nose. To be honest, he just watched her singing and didn't notice what she had sung. Besides, it was too embarrassed to ask him to sing a children's song as a man!

"Haven't you already sung? Can you tell me your name now?" Greg decided to be shameless.

"Humph, I won't talk to you if you don't sing!" Now, Leona had completely integrated into her role. She turned around and was about to leave!

"No, No. I'll sing, okay?" Greg cleared his throat. Fortunately, there were only two of them in this ward now. Early in the morning, Eden was sent by a special nurse to the expert team brought by Joe to check if there was any abnormal reaction after the surgery. Eden hadn't come back yet, or he would be so humiliated!

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