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   Chapter 484 Pay Off Your Debt (Part One)

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Looking at the phone in her hand, Janie bit her lips and tried hard to hold back her tears. Since York woke up from coma, he had changed too much. He was just like a different person, which made her feel very strange. He was no longer the sunny York!

The only thing that didn't change was that he was still so infatuated with Leona. He didn't even remember her name, but he drew countless portraits of her with his memory!

Every time Janie looked at the paintings that were treasured by York, she had an impulse to tear them apart. Why didn't he love her? Why did he love the woman who hurt him so badly and almost died for her?

Every time he looked at Leona on the canvas, his eyes showed a deep attachment, which made her jealous to go crazy. She wanted to question him why loudly!

But she didn't dare. York drew Leona's portrait only by the memory left in his mind, but he didn't really think of Leona. Janie was afraid that her reminder would irritate him and remind him of all the past!

Perhaps he would hate Leona and erase his love for Leona from now on, but Janie didn't dare to bet. She was afraid. What if York went back to find Leona again?

She really loved York very much. She didn't ask too much. She would be satisfied if she could get little of the tenderness in York's eyes when he looked at Leona!

However, although York seemed to be very gentle to her, it was only the good manner of him. No matter who he was to, he was always calm, and she was no exception to him!

Why did God torture her like this? In fact, she had a lot of pursuers in England, but since she saw York, she had been completely attracted by him and could no longer see other men!

However, there was only one person in his heart, Leona, which made Janie extremely painful, but she could do nothing about it. Fortunately, now that York was in her arms, as long as she worked harder, maybe when she had his child, he would change his attitude towards her!

Her parents had also talked about this wit

thought of this, she felt a little guilty. If it weren't for her, no one could have destroyed his years of hard work. However, the fate is unpredictable!

"You must have suffered a lot in those years, right?" As Leona fed her son, she said to Greg in a low voice!

"It's all over. Although it was bitter at that time, I didn't feel anything. I was so tired every day that I didn't have the energy to think about it at all!" Leaning against the pillow behind him, Greg looked at the ceiling, as if his mind had returned to that time!

In fact, although he had suffered a lot at that time, he had had a good time. If it weren't for the intervention of Shelly's father, he wouldn't have such a great motivation, and the Wei Group wouldn't have grown up healthily!

Suddenly, a familiar face popped up in his mind, looking at him with tenderness. He still remembered that every time he was so tired that he didn't want to continue, Shelly used her tenderness to give him strength. Speaking of that, although it was bitter at that time, it was very sweet!

When thinking of the past, Greg felt a sense of loss and pain. He had forgotten this feeling for a long time!

He still remembered that when he started his business, he didn't have any money at all. He could only block in a small private house and live on bread every day!

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