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   Chapter 483 Miss It (Part Two)

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Finally, Leona made up her mind and said, "Okay, but I still need your help with the company's affairs. If I can bring the company back to life, I don't want to give up like this!"

Hansome smiled and said, "don't worry. I will try my best. Then I'll go back and inform all the employees of the company!"

"Thank you. I'll walk you out!" Leona sent Hansome out of the ward and didn't come back until he left the hospital!

After returning to the ward, Leona took out an apple from the fruit basket brought by Hansome and peeled it. Soon, the apple was peeled and was about to give it to her son, but she saw the aggrieved look on Greg]'s face, as if he was complaining that she didn't care about him!

With a helpless smile, Leona finally came up with a compromise. She took out a plate and cut the peeled apple into several pieces. Then she put a toothpick on it for them to eat, and then handed the apple slices to the two respectively!

While eating the apple, Greg and Eden looked at each other and showed a successful smile. As early as yesterday when Leona went back to fetch the things, the father and son reached an agreement. Greg wanted to give his son a complete family, and Eden also hoped that his parents could be together!

The knock on the door sounded again. With a smile on her face, Joe came in. He looked at the condition of Greg and Eden and said, "You have recovered well. There shouldn't be any problem after resting!"

"Have you found out the cause of my son's disease?" Greg asked with concern!

Joe frowned and said, "I'm not sure yet. Several of our experts and friends are still studying it. I'll tell you when the result comes!"

Greg understood what Joe meant. Was there any other reason for Eden's illness?

He took a look at Leona. In order to avoid her worries, he didn't ask Jo in the end. When he had the chance, he would ask Joe alone!

"Thank you so much, Joe. You came back from abroad for the sake of Eden's il

t something must have happened between him and that woman. The heart wrenching pain made him feel that his heart was about to stop beating!

He strode forward and chased after her, but the figure had already disappeared in the sea of people. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find it!

Suddenly, his phone rang. After a long time, the man took out the phone from his pocket. It was from Janie. He slid the answer key and said, "Hello!"

"York, where have you been? Can I go to see you?" Janie asked worriedly!

Two days ago, York suddenly said that he wanted to find inspiration for his creation, so he had to come to C City to collect inspiration! No matter how hard Janie and her parents tried to persuade him, they had no choice but to come here with him!

However, when he arrived here, he didn't go to the suburb. Instead, he came to the city center and they stayed in the hotel!

In the morning, Janie wanted to go out with York, but was refused again by him. He wanted to go out by himself and leave [Janie alone in the hotel!

It was already afternoon and he hadn't come back yet. Janie was worried about his safety, so she called him!

"I want to take a walk alone. If you feel bored in the hotel, you can go shopping. I'll call you later!" Then he hung up the phone decisively!

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