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   Chapter 481 Waiting (Part Two)

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After leaving the cafe, Leona went to the vegetable market again and bought some food and a chicken. She planned to tonify the father and son in the evening so that their wounds could recover as soon as possible!

After she came back home with a bag of food, she began to be busy. Since she sold the villa that Greg gave her, she moved back to the apartment not far away from the Wei Group. It was close to work, and she felt comfortable to live here. At least, it was not as empty as the villa!

An hour later, Leona had already prepared four dishes, and then bumped into the heat preservation box. The soup in the pot would take a while to recover, so she took this opportunity to clean up the room!

Before coming back, Greg asked her to take his laptop to the hospital. Then Leona quickly took out some clothes and threw them into the bag. When she turned around, she saw the laptop of Greg!

By accident, Leona turned on his laptop and input the password into it according to the password in her memory. Sure enough, Greg didn't change the password. Looking at it casually, Leona opened a folder and saw a video. Driven by curiosity, she clicked it open!

At the beginning of the video, it was dark, and then the figure of Leona appeared on the screen. She seemed to be searching for something!

Seeing that, Leona was shocked. The video showed that she was stealing the confidential information of Greg's company in France. But why was this video here?

And this was the computer of Greg. It was impossible that he hadn't seen the video, but since he had seen it but didn't expose her, and continued to pretend not to know. So what he meant by letting her and Samuel destroy the Wei Group?

The sound of spilling soup in the kitchen woke up Leona. She suddenly remembered that there was still soup in the pot. She quickly went to the kitchen and turned off the heat. Then she put the soup into the insulation barrel, took the previ

I told you when I bungee jumping in the amusement park? What's yours is yours, and mine is yours too. As long as you are happy, I can give up my life. What's the big deal of the Wei Group? I was so stupid in the past that I did so many things to hurt you. Leona, as long as you are willing to give me another chance, I promise to let you and our son live a happy life. No matter what you want, I will try my best to meet your requirements!"

Tears welled up in Leona's eyes and her voice choked with sobs. He had never said these words to her before, but now she realized that she had misunderstood him so deeply!

Fortunately, she went to the coffee shop called waiting today, so that she knew that people must be honest with each other, or the misunderstanding would make the two people who had loved each other go farther and farther!

"Greg, you are so silly." Sobbing, Leona threw herself into the arms of Greg. She had never felt so happy!

"HMM..." As Leona happened to press on his wound, Greg couldn't help but cry out in pain, sweat streaming down his forehead!

"Aunt nurse, you are blocking my sight!" Eden's childish voice came from behind. The special nurse in the ward held a bowl in her hand and deliberately blocked him from seeing this inappropriate scene for children!

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