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   Chapter 480 Waiting (Part One)

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Walking on the street alone, Leona thought about the proposal of Greg, and then remembered what Hansome had told her this morning. She knew that the Wei Group had a lot of employees who were supporting their family with this job. Once the Wei Group really went bankrupt, their livelihood would be a problem!

She was no Savior, but she didn't want others to be implicated by her, which would burden her. Thinking of this, Leona unconsciously came to a quiet place and a humble coffee shop appeared in front of her!

It was indeed humble, because there was only a cello without strings hanging at the door. Beside the cello, there was a name "Waiting", which must be the name of this coffee shop!

It was just an alley, and there was no one around. The coffee shop was empty with customers, and apparently there was no business. It was a little desolate, but this situation was just in line with the current mood of Leona!

Leona didn't think too much as there were a lot of people doing behavior art now, and the boss here might be one of them!

Standing by the low and dim window, she heard a low cello melody from an old record player on the bar counter.

There was no guest inside. There were only a few tables. A man of more than 30 years old was smoking at the bar counter!

No wonder there was no business here. The decoration and geographical location of this place were too poor. She even doubted how it was operated!

Leona walked in directly, picked up a table and sat down. In fact, she didn't want to have coffee, but just wanted to find a quiet place to think about what to do next.

"Boss, a cup of cappuccino!" Said Leona to the boss sitting at the bar counter. Then she turned to look out of the window at this simple street!

"There is only one kind of coffee here, called Waiting!" The owner put out the cigarette and said in a low voice, without even taking a look at Leona!

"Waiting? Okay, one cup of 'Waiting' please!" After thinking over the name carefully, Leona smiled with relief and ordered a cup of

voice choked with sobs. After he took a drag on his cigarette, he calmed down again and said, "On the second night, when I came back, I found her lying in a pool of blood. The blood extended from the attic to her feet. She fell down from the attic because she chased me. I killed her. At that time, I saw clearly that she was holding the cello tightly in her arms..."

The middle-aged shopkeeper said and looked out of the window. The painful expression on his face reminded him of that night again. He could clearly see tears in his eyes. "I tried my best to carry her to the hospital, but she had missed the best time for rescue. She left me forever. After I buried her, I repaired the cello, but I didn't put the strings on it. Without her, the strings were meaningless, and no one could play a song for me in the evening. Later, I opened this coffee shop here and placed her cello at the door. I believe that she didn't go far. When she saw the cello, she knew that I had been waiting for her here."

Hearing the story of the boss, Leona also felt sad for them. But there were so many misunderstandings in the world. In fact, as long as people could talk through everything as the most important thing between people was to communicate, they could be together forever. Otherwise, no matter how strong the relationship was, it couldn't resist suspicion!

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