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   Chapter 479 Can We Start Over (Part Two)

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"What are you going to do next? No one is in charge of the company now. Samuel ran away when that batch of goods was in trouble. Now Mr. Wei owns the most shares in the company. Everyone is anxious now. They all hope that Mr. Wei can come out and manage the overall situation..." Hansome spoke out the thoughts of the employees in the company!

"Did Samuel escape?" Leona asked in surprise. She had planned to spare some time to look for him these days, but she didn't expect him to run away!

Now she regretted what she had done. It was all her fault. She led a wolf into the house and almost cost the life of Eden. She shouldn't have trusted Samuel. If it weren't for the help of Hansome at the critical moment, she really didn't know what to do!

"Yes, he ran away overnight after the incident. Now the police are also investigating his whereabouts. It is said that he fled to M Country on the day of the incident!" Hansome told her what he knew again!

As he spoke, he carefully looked at the expression on Leona's face. It seemed that she was not lying. She really didn't know that Samuel had run away, but he believed that sooner or later, Samuel would come back!

Through what had happened recently, he could feel that there was a great hatred between Samuel and Greg, and Leona had an unclear connection with these two men. It was right to find a breakthrough in her!

"I know Mr. Wei has transferred all the shares of the company to you. Now the company is in a state of turmoil. If no one comes out to preside over it, it will go bankrupt! The Wei Group has been running for many years and is related to the survival of many families. Today, I'm here to ask you on behalf of everyone..." Hansome said sincerely again!

"I need to think about it carefully!" Leona didn't give an answer immediately. To be honest, she didn't want to go back to the Wei Group. After all, it was built by Greg, and the cu

of things to hurt you in the past, but I have also been punished. I want to start over with you in the future, okay? Eden also needs a complete family. It is undeniable that you love him very much. You have taken good care of him over the years, but after all, it can't replace a father's position in his life. I hope you can think about it carefully!" Said Greg sincerely!

He knew how important Eden was in her heart. If he used Eden to persuade her, he would definitely have a higher chance of success. If he was not really unsure, he would not be willing to use his son to increase his winning chance. He had no choice!

"I'll think about it again, okay? Give me some time!" Said Leona in a low voice. It was really difficult for her to accept him at once. She needed time!

"Okay, I'll give you some time, but you have to promise me to seriously consider what I said!" Greg finally let go of her arm, knowing that he couldn't be anxious. Anyway, he had enough time to let her think about it now, and he believed that the result wouldn't disappoint him!

As Leona said that she wanted to go back and get some clothes to change, she walked out of the hospital again. On the way, she thought about what Greg had just said to her. Maybe she should really think it over.

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