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   Chapter 478 Can We Start Over (Part One)

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Under the special arrangement of Joe, Greg and Eden were sent to the same ward. The two of them were on the same side, which was also convenient for Leona to take care of them!

At this time, the two lying on the bed were both in a coma. The effect of the anesthetic hadn't gone yet. They had a very similar appearance. Eden was just a mini version of Greg. Anyone who had seen them could see that they were father and son!

As for the fact that Greg was willing to donate a kidney to Eden, Leona was moved. Although everyone had two kidneys, who was willing to sacrifice their own health for others?

She could feel Greg's love for Eden. Only father's love could make him willing to do this for his child. Maybe she shouldn't be selfish to prevent Eden from admitting Greg as his father. After all, whether she admitted it or not, they were inseparable in blood!

During the whole night, Leona took care of her son and Greg. She didn't rest on the sofa until it was dawn in the morning!

When the first ray of sunshine in the morning came in, Greg was the first to wake up. His nose was filled with the smell of Faure Marin, which made him frown. Then Greg slowly open his eyes!

All he saw was white. The previous scenes came back to his mind. Then he remembered that he had done a kidney transplant operation for his son yesterday. Waves of urine came. He wanted to go to the bathroom!

Greg slightly moved her body, and a sharp pain came from where he was operated on!

"HMM..." Greg couldn't help but let out a cry of pain. Leona, who was sleeping on the sofa, was awakened by this slight sound. Seeing that it was Greg, she rubbed her eyes and walked over, trying to lower her voice, "what's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? I'll call the doctor!" Then she was about to walk out!

Greg grabbed her arm and said, "No, I just want To go to the bathroom!"

Hearing that, Leona blushed all of a sudden. Although she had an intimate relationship with Greg for a long time,

that? Mommy agreed to let you be Eden's daddy!" Eden turned to Greg with a happy look on his face! His jewel-like eyes are filled with joy.

At this time, on the other bed, Greg was also very excited. She finally let her son recognize him. Did it mean that she had forgiven him in her heart?

"Leona..." Greg was so excited that he wanted to say something, but he found that no words could express his feelings at the moment!

"I'll buy you breakfast first!" Looking at the nurse who was pushing the medicine changing car in, Leona said evasively and then hurried out!

At this moment, she was a little flustered. She needed a quiet space to think about what to do next.

As soon as Leona walked out of the ward, she saw an old man with grey hair and plain clothes. She looked at his back and didn't care about it. Perhaps the old man came to visit other patients. After all, it was normal for such things to happen in the hospital!

At this time, Hansome came over. When he saw Leona, he smiled and greeted, "good morning! Where are you going?"

Seeing that it was Hansome, Leona smiled and said, "good morning. I'm going to buy some breakfast. What's up?"

Hansome nodded and said, "yes, I have something to do. You are going to buy breakfast. Let's talk about it while walking!" Then he followed Leona out!

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