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   Chapter 477 The Operation Was Successful (Part Two)

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Two days ago, she had sold some of the houses and funds left by Greg to her. She had almost paid what she owed to York. Now that she had no money to pay, she breathed a sigh of relief!

She had planned to sell thirty-five percent of the Wei Group's stock that Greg had given her, but because of the low price and the sudden illness of Eden, she hadn't had the chance to sell it yet!

Now, because of Samuel, the stock of the Wei Group had reached the limit down for a time. Now these stocks were like a pile of waste paper, and it was impossible to sell them out!

But at least now she didn't owe York any money. As for the favor she owed him Leona shook her head. Let's talk about it later. She was not sure if they would meet again in their lives!

Suddenly, there was a rush of footsteps coming from ahead. A nurse pushed a bed and quickly ran to the consulting room. By instinct, Leona made way for them. She was used to this kind of thing in the hospital every day!

People were always like this. Care was chaotic. When a disaster happened to someone they didn't know, they could only give a sympathetic look at the most. There was nothing else!

However, when the sickbed passed by her, a familiar face came into her eyes. Wasn't it Eden on it? At this moment, his eyes were closed and his face was extremely pale!

Leona's heart rose to her throat in an instant. What's wrong with Eden? She stood at the side of the corridor in a daze. It was not until the bed was quickly pushed in front of her that she realized what had happened. She followed closely and shouted, "nurse, what's wrong with my child?"

The nurse didn't stop, but rushed to the resuscitation room and said, "the patient's condition suddenly deteriorate, and the operation must be performed immediately!"

"How could his condition suddenly deteriorate?" Leona asked anxiously, but at this time, Eden had been pushed into the resuscitation room by th

nd have a rest!"

Hansome knew that it was useless to continue persuading her, so he decided to wait here with her. In the quiet corridor, two people sat outside the operating room, and not far away from them, Jean was also waiting there. No one spoke, and this place once again fell into a terrible silence!

Finally, the light of the operating room was turned off and the door was opened. Joe walked out with a tired face. Reflectively, Leona stood up from the chair and quickly came to Joe. She asked worriedly, "how is my child?"

Joe nodded and smiled with relief, "the operation is very successful. As long as we pay attention to the follow-up observation and see if there is any abnormal phenomenon!"

With the assurance of Joe, Leona was instantly relieved. A moment later, she asked again, "he Is he okay?"

They all knew that the man she referred to was Greg. Joe nodded and said, "They are all fine. They will be fine after the anesthesia!"

"Thank you!" Leona thanked him sincerely. At this time, Eden and Greg had been pushed out of the ward one after the other by the nurse. Leona rushed to her son's bed and escorted him to the VVIP ward!

Hansome, who had been accompanying her, also came to the bedside of Greg and sent him with the nurse to the ward of Eden!

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