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   Chapter 476 The Operation Was Successful (Part One)

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As Greg standing in front of his grandfather, Howard looked at the injury on his leg and asked, "How did you hurt your leg? Jeremy?" There was a faint anger in his words. No matter what kind of feud existed between Jeremy and him, it had nothing to do with Greg. He shouldn't have implicated his grandson!

Shrugging his shoulders, Greg didn't say anything. His attitude also meant that he acquiesced in what Howard said. After all, it was really hurt by Jeremy!

"Forget it!" Howard then changed the topic to Eden and said with dissatisfaction, "when did you have a child? Why didn't you tell Grandpa about it? If I hadn't come here, wouldn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know it until a few months ago. She was pregnant when she left a few years ago, but I didn't know!" Greg didn't intend to hide it, because he knew it was useless to hide it. As long as his grandfather wanted to know, there was nothing he couldn't know!

Howard nodded and asked, "how is the child?"

Greg told him the truth about Eden's condition, and then said worriedly, "although Joe has gone to look for a suitable kidney source, Eden's condition is very serious now. I'm really worried that we can't find a suitable kidney source!"

Although he said so, Greg had made up his mind that if he couldn't find it, he would give a kidney to his son!

Howard knew what was on Greg's mind at a glance. He said, "if we can't find the kidney donor, let that woman give it!"

"No, I've owned her too much. I can't have her kidney anymore. Besides, she's in poor health," said Greg with a fierce look on his face.

Before Greg could finish his words, Howard interrupted him and said, "no one is more suitable than her. Do you want to donate your kidney? You are the only descendant of our Wei family. I won't let you take such a risk!"

Facing his grandfather's firm refusal, Greg didn't say anything. He had made up his mind to discuss this matter with Joe tomorrow. Anyway, he wouldn't let Leona take the risk

again, "Oh, Miss Ling just asked me to do a check-up to see if her kidney matches your child's. I just did a check-up for her, but unfortunately, her kidney is not suitable!"

Greg looked at Leona, knowing that she did this all because of a mother's deep love for her child. At this moment, the glory of maternal nature shrouded her, but he wanted to say that he would protect her mother and their son well!

Greg turned to Joe and said, "check it for me too!"

Joe glanced at the unhealed wound on Greg's leg and said, "Your leg is still injured. Why don't you wait a little longer?"

"No, I'm just worried that you can't find a suitable kidney source," said Greg, waving his hand.

Seeing his insistence, Joe didn't persuade Greg anymore and directly took him inside!

Without saying anything, Leona turned around and went back to the ward. She didn't know how to face Greg now. There were too many things happened between them!

She had thought that after she indirectly destroyed his company, they would not have any intersection, but fate made them meet again, which made her even more unprepared!

Lowering her head, Leona walked towards the ward while thinking. After yesterday, Eden had been transferred from the general ward to the special ward. Needless to ask, she knew that it was Greg who did it!

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