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   Chapter 475 How Can A Child Of Wei Family Be Surnamed Ling (Part Two)

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Then only Joe and Eden were left in the room. As for Leona, Greg, Howard and Hansome, they all left the ward!

Sitting next to Howard, Leona was a little nervous. She kept stirring her hands behind her back, while Greg stood beside her, with one hand gently putting on her shoulder, indicating her not to be nervous!

"Grandfather, you've just flown from Europe. You'd better go back and have a rest first. It will take some time for Joe to have an examination. I'll tell you as soon as the result comes out!" Greg said at the right time!

Howard also felt a little tired. After all, he was old and had a long journey. He had a long talk with Jeremy just now, and now he came to the hospital. He couldn't help but feel a little tired!

He nodded and said, "Well, I'll go back first. When the diagnosis result comes out, you must tell Grandpa!"

"Don't worry. I will drive you home!" With these words, Greg held his grandfather's arm and walked out!

Outside the hospital, there were a butler and a dozen bodyguards waiting there. After sending Howard to the car, Greg returned!

Today, when his grandfather looked at Leona, he felt a little uneasy. As far as he knew, it would be difficult for grandpa to accept Leona. That was also the reason why he hadn't given her a wedding yet!

In any case, to a certain extent, it was his grandfather who gave him everything he had today. Without his grandfather's cultivation, he couldn't have been as successful as today. Therefore, he was unwilling to go against his grandfather's will!

He also knew that his grandfather had been urging him to get married and have children as soon as possible. He hoped that he could accept Leona for the sake of their child. Anyway, he hoped that Leona could be recognized by his grandfather!

When they went back to the ward, Hansome was still beside Leona. Greg walked over and politely said to him, "thank you for this time. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid that Eden would be in danger!"

Although he didn't l

eep. Looking at her son's thin face these days, Leona felt as if a knife were piercing her heart. If possible, she would rather suffer these things for her son!

Sitting next to her, Greg could understand what was on Leona's mind. Eden was also his child, so he was as worried as her!

Looking at the haggard Leona, Greg said, "you go back to have a rest first. I'll stay here and wait for him. You can come to see him tomorrow morning!"

Shaking her head, Leona said, "no, I have to stay here with Eden, or else he will be scared!"

"I know you are worried about Eden, but the treatment will take a long time. I don't want you to fall down after the treatment. In this way, he will also be worried!" Greg still tried to persuade her. He felt sad to see her like this!

"I'll be fine. Your wounds haven't healed yet. You can go back and have a rest!" Staring at her son on the bed, Leona said resolutely!

Greg sighed. He knew her stubbornness. He was thinking about changing to a first-class ward tomorrow, so that she could have a good rest while taking care of Eden. Otherwise, he was really afraid that she couldn't endure it!

Three days had passed, and the expert team hired by Joe also arrived here. They had diagnosed Eden's disease after the examination. What they were waiting for was only a suitable kidney source!

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