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   Chapter 473 Reconcile (Part Two)

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Jeremy was not an outsider, but a good friend of his, a good comrade in arms. He could be honest with everything in front of Jeremy, which also let down a burden in his heart!

"I will stay here for a few days and come to see me whenever I have time. We haven't seen each other for so many years. It's time to catch up!" Howard's voice came through. He sincerely invited Jeremy!

Jeremy just nodded and said, "I will!" Then he strode out. After half a century of separation, the two old people had a short exchange of words and went their separate ways again!

When Leona arrived at the hospital with Hansome, Eden had woken up. He didn't make any noise like other children, but there was a flash of nervousness in his eyes when he opened the door. When he saw Leona, he immediately opened his small hands with a smile on his face and shouted at Leona, "Mommy!"

Looking at her son's gaunt face, Leona's heart was like a knife cutting. She quickly ran forward and held her son in her arms. With her face against Eden's, she said in a choked voice, "it's lucky that you're fine. I'm so worried about you!"

What Eden had experienced also made Leona agree with what Greg had said before. She should let her son learn more skills and fighting skills, so that he could protect himself in the face of danger in the future!

Looking at the two crying mother and son, Hansome quietly left, leaving them a quiet space!

When he turned around, he saw Jean standing behind him. Jean looked at him with excitement and said, "you're back!"

Hansome nodded as an answer to Jean's question. Then he strode out. He remembered that Leona hadn't had breakfast yet and he had to go out to buy some food for them!

Looking at his back, Jean bit her lips. Why was he so reluctant to talk to her? He didn't even want to say a word.

After returning to the military compound, Jeremy asked someone to send Greg to Howard's villa, and then locked himself in his room, not allowing anyone to enter!

Finally, Greg was free. As soon as h

hole European underworld. It was not easy for Golden Eagle to lay a hand on him. In the decades of battle, they had always been well matched in strength!

Some time ago, Howard learned that the reason why his grandson's company collapsed overnight was also because of Golden Eagle. He knew that Greg had known the existence of Golden Eagle and Greg wanted to get rid of Golden Eagle!

But he couldn't easily get rid of Golden Eagle after fighting with him for many years. With the qualifications of Greg, how could he do it so easily?

"Golden Eagle is none of your business. Tell me what's going on with the child first." Howard said again!

Greg didn't hide anything and told him what had happened to Eden!

"Well, I used to worry that you didn't want to get married or have a child. Now that you don't have anything to do with it, bring the child to me quickly!" Howard was very happy to know that Greg had a child!

With an embarrassed look on his face, Greg said, "not now. He's sick. I'll take him to see you when he recovers!"

"What disease? Is it serious?" Howard said with concern. He wanted his grandchildren to be with him when he was old. He couldn't let anything happen to his great grandson!

"The initial examination is for uremia. The specific examination will be conducted by experts!" As Greg spoke, he felt terrible!

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