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   Chapter 472 Reconcile (Part One)

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At that time, he cried and fainted beside his wife's tombstone. Over the years, he had gained astonishing wealth, but there was no other woman around him, because Agnes was the only woman in his heart. But when he returned after he became famous, she had already left him!

He was holding a crystal clear necklace in his hand. It was the Ninth-refined Shel Necklace he had promised her. At that time, they were very poor. He had said that he would give her the most beautiful necklace in the world when he was rich.

The Ninth-refined Shel Necklace was surrounded by eight diamonds, with a red diamond in the middle. It was said that the person who got the necklace would get good luck!

At that time, they were just joking, because they knew that with their wealth, it was difficult for them to make a living. It was impossible for them to have such a precious necklace as Ninth-refined Shel Necklace!

But later, he finally became rich and fulfilled his promise to her. However, in his eyes, this cold stone was not as good as a white hair of her!

He carefully put away the necklace. Every time he saw it, he would remember his promise to her!

Beside her tombstone, he saw Greg, who was only a teenager at that time. Knowing that Greg was his grandson, he took him back to cultivate!

There was no doubt that Greg was his only descendant. He had 1/4 of Howard Wei's blood in his body. He swore that he would bring up his grandson. From now on, his huge family business would all belong to Greg!

But starting from scratch, he knew it was difficult to start a business, and it was even more difficult to maintain the business. He didn't want Greg to become a man knowing nothing about working hard. He wanted Greg to work hard, and only in this way could Greg keep the wealth he had created in his whole life!

At that time, he put Greg, who was still a teenager, in M Country alone, only gave Greg the minimum living standard, and told Greg that he was only responsible for his living expenses before eighteen years old. As for after

it's the destiny. God made us love each other but we can't be together. I thought it was the best arrangement for her, but we also helped her make the decision selfishly. We all ignored her thoughts. We both did. Maybe in her heart, she doesn't want to be separated from you at all. Even if you die together, she doesn't want to live alone!"

There was a dead silence in the room. The two of them didn't say anything and fell into deep thought. They were both wondering if the result would change if they had made another choice at the beginning.

However, no one knew the answer. After a long time, Jeremy stood up and said, "I'll have someone send Greg back to you later. It's late. I should go back!" As he spoke, he walked out. His tall figure suddenly became a little depressed!

Howard also stood up and said with his dragon head walking stick, "Let's go after dinner. I've asked people to prepare it!"

However, Jeremy shook his head and said, "maybe another day. I'm not in the mood today!" Hatred had been accumulated in his heart for many years. It was not the case to suddenly know the truth. He needed time to digest all of this!

Howard didn't say anything to stop him. Now he also needed time to recall all these. He had never said these words to anyone so these thoughts has been in his mind for these years and he couldn't bear it any more.

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