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   Chapter 470 The Past Of Howard Wei (Part One)

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Howard and Jeremy sat opposite each other. The two of them had a strong aura, but the difference was that Jeremy's aura was that of a veteran warrior!

Howard Wei, on the other hand, had experienced a lot. He had changed from a hooligan on the street to a tycoon. He had cultivated himself for many years and gradually became a gentleman. However, if one were to carefully experience it, he could feel that the murderous will hidden in the Gentlemanliness was even more terrible!

Because the gentlemanly aura hidden above the murderous will make you unable to detect it. It will disappear, and then like a killing devil, it will appear and tear the opponent into pieces!

There was a short table in the middle of them, on which there was a first-class tea set. Howard Wei washed the tea peacefully and put a cup of tea in front of Jeremy, saying, "My old comrade, we have parted for fifty years. This is the first time we have met. How have you been?"

Jeremy snorted. As a soldier, he had a short temper. He didn't come to recall the old days with Howard today. He came here to seek justice for Agnes!

But at this moment, it was not appropriate to lose his temper directly. In addition, Howard was polite, which made Jeremy calm down. Jeremy picked up the teacup in front of him and said, "Yes, fifty years have passed in a flash. We were still ignorant young men in the past, but now our lives has come to an end. How time flies!"

"I still remember the time when we lived in the army. Although it was hard at that time, we lived a simple and happy life!" Howard looked at Jeremy, as if he had seen themselves many years ago through Jeremy!

"Yes, if you hadn't risked your life to carry me back, we wouldn't have been sitting here and recalling the past!" Jeremy drank up another cup of tea and said with infinite emotion!

"Let bygones be bygones. I believe that if I were injured at that time, you would not hesitate to carry me back. We are comrades in arms and in need!" Howard's eyes were full of nostalgia!

Jeremy also recalled what happened in the past with his words. At that time, they lived a simple and happy life without any pressure. They only knew

twisted, and he was more worried that she would look down upon him because of this. He had been worried countless times in his heart that if she regretted marrying him and that she should have chosen Jeremy. And the heart-shaped pendant made them hard to keep calm, and Howard suddenly broke down!

He recalled countless times that before they got married, Jeremy met her for the last time. Howard hid in the distance and saw them clearly. Because of the distance, he couldn't hear what they were talking about!

But when Jeremy turned around and was about to leave, she hugged him from behind and cried sadly. They kissed in front of him, but of course they didn't know he was not far away!

Howard didn't know what Jeremy said later. At last, she left with sad eyes. Then she retired from the army with him and went back to her hometown to get married!

This matter had always been a thorn in Howard's heart, and the heart-shaped pendant had caused him to suppress the dissatisfaction and uneasiness in the bottom of his heart for a long time. That day, they quarreled fiercely, and then he directly slammed the door and ran away from home!

At that time, he was just a poor boy. Without any money, he went out to make a living alone. At that time, he had slept under the bridge, and did not eat anything for two or three days in a row. He had washed bowls in a restaurant, carried bags in a dock, and moved bricks in the construction site!

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