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   Chapter 466 Howard Wei (Part One)

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The two bodyguards found that Leona seemed to have lost her soul, so they walked up to her with worries and asked, "Miss Ling, what should we do now?"

After a moment's silence, Leona ordered, "to Zachary!"

"Zachary? Where is it?" The bodyguard asked. He was just do the job of protecting Leona. He didn't know what companies there were in C City!

Leona answered quickly, "the Wei Group!" Now she must find Samuel as soon as possible. No matter what she would do, she was willing to do it, as long as he could let Eden go!

The Wei Group was actually the Zachary? Although the two bodyguards were confused, they did not ask, and quickly started the car and drove in the direction of the Wei Group.

Samuel sat in the big office and it was dark. He did not turn on the light and just sat in the dark and looked at the starry sky outside the window!

With a glass of wine in his hand, he tossed off the glass of wine in one gulp. He was waiting, and the goods should have arrived at the wharf. As long as he stayed through the night, he would be the CEO of the Zachary Group!

Suddenly, his phone rang. Samuel grasped the phone immediately and took a glance at the screen. It was a phone call from the dock!

"What's up, Kent?" Samuel quickly asked!

"Mr. Chi, something is wrong. Those goods..." Before the other could finish the words, Samuel asked nervously, "how about that batch of goods?" Samuel was getting more and more anxious. 'Did anything bad happened?'

"That ship was sealed off. It belonged to the army. As soon as our ship got close to the dock, they rushed towards us. They seemed to know that there is something wrong with this ship, so they found our cabin and took the goods away!" As soon as he finished his words, the surroundings became noisy!

The phone fell down to the ground from Samuel's hand. He looked forward dejectedly, but failed in the end. He lost his mind for a few minutes and clenche

ld man sat there with his eyes closed, and occasionally picked up a cigarette stick to draw on it!

"How long will it take?" An old man's deep voice came. It was exactly the old man who was speaking!

The Butler, who was dressed in a black suit and standing behind the old man, strode forward, bowed to him and said in a low voice, "Mr. Lord, we'll arrive at C City in an hour."

The old man didn't say a word. He closed his eyes. He had been away for more than fifty years. He wondered what had changed in C City. He is Greg's grandfather, Howard Wei!

The scene that happened more than 50 years ago echoed in her mind, as if it had happened yesterday. If it were not for the fact that Greg might be in danger, he wouldn't have come back!

The Butler saw that Howard didn't say a word anymore, so he quietly stepped back. He made no sound by stepping on the carpet!

An hour later, the plane landed on the foot of an empty mountain in the suburb of C City. It was guarded by a lot of people. The ground was covered with red carpet, which extended to a villa other than the two cities.

Seeing Howard getting off the plane, they immediately lined up in two rows and greeted him respectfully, "Lord!"

"Yes!" Howard nodded and got on the limousine with the company of his men!

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