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   Chapter 464 The Melee At The Airport (Part One)

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On the way to the hotel, Leona kept calling Greg, but no one answered the phone. She was so anxious that she was about to cry!

The car quickly arrived at the military's residential compound, which usually took more than an hour to drive there. But there were not many cars at night, and the bodyguards were also anxious to find Greg, so they tried their best to speed up, and it took them only more than forty minutes to get there!

However, when their car reached the gate of the courtyard, it was stopped by two soldiers who were guarding the gate. They saluted to the soldier and said seriously: "please show me your identification!"

Leona could only present her ID card to the enemy, but the soldier said, "Sorry, your ID card cannot be used. Please show your identification!"

With an imploring look on her face, Leona said to the soldier, "I have very important things to see Commander Chai. Could you please let me in? It's really of great importance!"

However, the soldier didn't cooperate at all. He said to Leona expressionlessly, "sorry, this is a military important area. You are not allowed to enter it without an identification. Or you can call someone inside to pick you up. Otherwise, no one is allowed to enter!"

No matter how hard Leona begged, this was always the words the solider had been implying. She also knew that it was their responsibility, but she was really anxious!

She could only take out the phone to call Greg and as long as it connected, she could inform Commander Chai. However, no matter how hard she called, the commander didn't answer!

Finally, Leona's phone was powered off, and the screen of her phone was off automatically. Finding that she could not see Commander Chai, Leona turned around and said to the two bodyguards, "let's go to the dock!"

The only thing she could do now was to go to the dock as soon as possible and check if they could stop them. She hoped everything was possible!

Not daring to neglect, the two bodyguards stepped on the accelerator, and the car darted toward the wharf like a rocket.

As an international criminal police, Hansome had received special training

e shooting, and then give them a hint with a gun. Only when the criminal still attempted to resist could they shoot!

However, the bad guys were different. They didn't have any restrictions and could shoot at any time!

These two men were all experienced criminals, and each of them had been killed, so they couldn't be scared by Hansome. They raised the gun again and shot in the direction of Hansome, and then ran to join the guy left earlier.

Seeing the man was still struggling, Hansome shot to warn him, but the man didn't move at all. He shot at Hansome again!

"Run! Someone shoot here!"


"Baby, my baby!"

"Mommy, I'm so scared!"

The whole waiting hall became a chaos in an instant. The men's roars, the women's screams, and the children's crying immediately drowned there. Everyone fled from the place, some were squatting on the ground, with hands over their heads, and their bodies trembling into a person!

Hansome narrowed his eyes. The situation was very bad for him. There were people all around. If he was careless, he would hurt the ordinary people. He had to be double careful!

Seeing that it was useless to warn with guns, Hansome didn't show mercy any more. He knew that these two gangsters were extremely vicious people. Hansome moved his body to the back of a row of chairs and hidden himself with the back of the chairs. Then he aimed at the hands holding guns and hit them hard!

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