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   Chapter 462 Hansome Is Back (Part One)

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"Oh my God This guy is trying to kill me!"


The servants in the villa were awakened by the gunshot. When they saw the bloody scene outside, they were all frightened and fled!

"Stay put! All of you! Get down! Or I'll kill you!" A loud shout appeared in the villa. All the servants immediately crouched down on the ground in fear, with their hands over their heads!

The man in the suit with a gun looked at the people who quieted down instantly, and his eyes showed a look of satisfaction. From time to time, the gun pointed at everyone. Finally, it landed in front of Lina and said, "where is your young master?"

Lina was scared out of her wits by the icy spear against her head. She stammered, "Young Young master?"

With a loud bang, the man in black suit kicked Lina down to the ground. He pointed the gun at her head again and shouted with a fierce look, "Don't talk nonsense. Where is the child of Greg?"

Lina finally knew who they were referring to. She could see that these people were not good people. Subconsciously, she did not want to tell where Eden was, so she could only say in a trembling voice, "He..."

"Tell me, or I'll shoot you. I am not just saying it." the man pulled the trigger and once again pointed at Lina.

Lina had no choice but to tell the truth. She had seen the group of people kill by people just now, and if she didn't say anything, they would also kill her. She had no choice but to tell the group of people that Eden was in hospital!

The people who got the answer exchanged glances with each other, and then one of them was cut off. The rest of them quickly ran towards the door.

The man who was left behind hit the ground with a bang and immediately screamed again in the room. The man in black suit said sullenly, "listen, don't call the police, or I'll shoot him!" Then he left the villa as well!

The sound of the car engine came from the outside. After a while, the people in the villa came to their senses and shouted loudly, "hurry up! Call the police


It was already late at night when Leona arrived at the hospital. A bodyguard of Jeremy sent her here, but there was no car at the gate. How could she go to the dock?

She also knew that the ship must have been besieged. Even if she went to the dock now, she wouldn't be able to stop the ship from backing down. But if she didn't receive the goods, what about Eden? With his ruthlessness, Samuel would definitely hurt Eden!

It seemed that the most effective way for the time being was to get to the military compound as soon as possible. As long as Commander Chai asked, the people in the military base would not take action against that drugs for the time being, because in that case, Eden would be safe!

At the same time, the sound of police siren rang out in C City and the city in North!

"Hello, are you at the police station? We're on the business street of southern city. Someone escaped after hit and hit my car. It's very serious."

"Hello, are you at the police station? It is the residential area of northern city. Some people are fighting here, and some are injured. Come here and have a look!"

The telephone rang in the police station. The policeman put down the phone and picked up another call. When he found that he was too busy to call the other policemen, he immediately contacted other policemen all night!

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