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   Chapter 461 An Eventful Night (Part Two)

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The past flashed back in her mind, as if it just happened yesterday. Jeremy still remembered that the three of them had been talking about their future in the army. In the blink of an eye, they were on their last gasp.

Late at night, Leona sat by the hospital bed. Although it was very late, she was sleepless and looked at her son on the bed, heartbroken!

Suddenly, it occurred to her that she could call Greg. She was at a loss and didn't know what to do. The hospital told her that if she wanted to cure Eden, she must find the right kidney to transplant the kidney for him!

But he was still a small kid, and the replacement of his kidney needed to follow a lot of conditions. It would take a very long time to wait for the kidney to be replaced. Finally, the replacement of the kidney would not be suitable for Eden's body and would not have any rejection. These were very serious problems!

Even if he succeeded in changing the kidney, a lot of rehabilitation therapy and adapt period would be waiting for Eden after the surgery. During this period, he must pay attention to the complications!

When Leona was under a bad mood, a figure of Greg suddenly flashed through her mind. She remembered that when Greg was in England, he was shot and a young man came to cure him!

She vaguely remembered that the young man named Joe looked very awesome. She heard from Greg that Joe was an internationally renowned doctor. Even if Greg didn't mention it, she also knew that he must not be that simple as Greg claimed. That man was not an ordinary person.

But she didn't have Joe's phone number. Greg must know that. Maybe he could find a way!

At the moment, Leona came to the door and dialed the phone of Greg, but it was still not answered!

After Jeremy had a phone call with Howard, he asked his man to take Greg awa

system was well arranged!

"You can't open the gate without the key!" A man in a suit in the Nissan said to another man!

"Use the gun to open it!" Another man dressed in suit said, took out a gun from his pocket, walked straight out of the car, and aimed at the password of the door. Then he shot at the lock.

Their boss was in such a hurry that they didn't have time to worry about alarm others.

The alarm system was ringing in the villa because of the gunshots. All of a sudden, the people inside rushed towards the gate!

"Someone broke in. You guys come with me!" The sounds of hurried footsteps echoed in the villa, and people ran towards the gate!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Several shots were fired in a second. The first few people were shot and fell to the blood in an instant. Although they had weapons in their hands, they were just ordinary electric batons. They were not at the same level as the guns!

"They have guns. Call the police now!" A guard rushed out from behind. He was frightened and shouted when he saw the people in front of him fell to the ground!

Bang! Another gunshot! The man in black suit raised his hand and aimed at the guard's back. At once, the guard also fell in the blood.

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