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   Chapter 458 Eden Fainted (Part One)

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What happened in the past appeared in front of Jeremy's eyes. More than 50 years ago, he and Howard just joined the army!

They were divided into one company and became the best comrades in arms. They trained together, ate together, stood guard together, and encouraged each other when they missed home!

However, the God loved joking with people. They fell in love with a woman at the same time. Agnes was a health soldier in the army and she was the most beautiful female soldier in the entire army base at that time!

She was tall, with a pair of goose like cheeks and beautiful eyes. She was the goddess in the heart of most of the soldiers in the army!

He and Howard launched a pursuit of her at the same time, and Agnes also had a favorable impression on both of them, but she could not make a choice between them!

Then in a military exercise, they were under siege from the blue army, where they were all loaded with a lotus gun. If it were not for Howard who had risked his life to take serious injuries back, he would have died!

In order to save him, Howard had to leave the army due to his serious injury. Considering his guilt to Howard, he had to leave the entanglement between the three, in which case Howard could live a happy life with Agnes.

He still remembered that the night before Howard left the army, Howard had solemnly promised him that Howard would love Agnes in his lifetime and that Howard would love her with his love together.

On their wedding, seeing that Agnes and Howard were in deep love, Jeremy felt as if a knife were piercing his heart, but he still wore a smile on his face and wished them happiness, burying the boundless bitterness in his heart!

After that, he was transferred to the current army. In order to get rid of the loss of love as soon as possible, he put all his heart and soul into the army, which also helped him get military exploits and promoted his military rank quickly on

nt of him. A voice called from behind. "Leona, you can leave but Greg Wei has to stay!"

As long as Greg was here, Howard would disappear. Of course he won't let Greg go!' thought Jeremy.

"Didn't you hear that? My son is in hospital now. We must go there as soon as possible!" Greg shouted at Jeremy furiously!

"Of course I heard it and I agree with that Leona could go back, but you can't. You are not allowed to leave here unless Howard came here in person." Jeremy said in a tough way!

"You..." Greg was so angry that he couldn't do anything about it. If they were not in Jeremy's territory now and they couldn't leave at all, Greg would have already become angry!

But on the other hand, Leona was extremely worried. She had to look at Greg, and then at little Jeremy. She suddenly remembered that Samuel's goods would arrive at the dock tomorrow. And if the goods were found out to have a problem, she would have to take responsibility!

At that time, the court would sue her. At that time, she had no way to take care of her son, and she had no one to rely on!

It was better to let Greg out. Although the Wei Group had gained general recognition, he had been in C City for years and was better than her in every aspect and connection. It was better to stay and let Greg out!

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