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   Chapter 456 If You Don't Want To Die, Get Away From Him (Part One)

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Looking at Commander Chai and General Zhang in front of her, Leona knew they were all good people, so she didn't have to lie to them. Moreover, she had always regarded Commander Chai as her elder, and she always respected him from the bottom of her heart!

"I'm going to turn myself in..." said Leona. Then she gave a general explanation of the whole thing and said, "I don't know what his goods are. If I knew it, I would never sign the contract with him. But the thing had happened, I can't go on making the mistake again. So please help me and send me to the police station!"

Hearing what she said, General Zhang was stunned. He received the order from his superior before that a batch of banned goods were being sent from M Country to C City, and the Wei Group is the one who receive the goods!

"Don't worry. Tell me in detail!" General Zhang said hurriedly. It seemed that they were talking about the same thing.

After listening to Leona, General Zhang turned around and said to Commander Chai, "This is exactly the task we have received this time. Now that we have the specific time and place. It's better. I'll let the battalion commander go to the dock right away!"

Commander Chai nodded and said, "OK. You can go now." Then he turned to Leona and said, "Don't leave for the moment. I will send you to the police station after Zhang arrest the man." Then Commander Chai left the room, leaving Leona alone!

Greg twisted and turned on her bed. He didn't know why the man on the other end of the phone put him here since he had saved him. Greg had to leave here as soon as possible!

He looked at the door, only to find that there were soldiers guarding there and it was impossible for him to get out at all. Just then, there was sound of quick footsteps coming from outside the window, and someone said, "I guess Leona won't lie. Zhang, take a group of people to the dock to ambush. After the boat is ashore, we will take action immediat

he had left for only one day.

"Hurry up. The second batch of patrolmen haven't come yet after the patrolmen have just passed, and if they are too late, let me help you!" As she spoke, Greg reached out her hand and leaned against the windowsill to support himself. Greg was about to carry Leona out of the window!

As it was summer now, Leona wore a long dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes, so climbing through the window was a difficult thing for her. After she finally squatted down to the windowsill, she grabbed Greg's hands with both of her hands and was about to jump down!

Slap! Clap! There were applause from behind, followed by a loud voice. "Hehe! You almost broke your leg, but you still ran out. It seems that I have underestimated you!"

What he said was like a thunder which shocked Leona and Greg. Their faces changed dramatically as they were found out by someone!

After Jeremy told General Zhang a few things, he walked to the room where Greg lived. When he arrived there, he found that the window was open and that man also disappeared!

The guard was about to fire his gun to warn the police, but he was stopped by Jeremy. There were guards everywhere in the military's residential compound, and he couldn't escape successfully. Therefore, he didn't worry about that!

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