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   Chapter 454 You Should Take The Consequence If You Do Something Wrong (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-04-30 00:34

As the elevator kept going down, Leona's heart kept falling down. She was full of panic now and didn't know what she should do. A figure of Greg appeared in her mind. If only he was here, at least he could give her an idea!

She didn't know since when Greg had become the mainstay of her life. It seemed that as long as he was there, there would be no problem that could not be solved. But where was he now?

Leona left the company and walked on the street aimlessly. She was not only eager to find Greg, she also needed to find him as soon as possible!

Just now, she had made up her mind to report Samuel to the police. But later, she would get involved and even go to jail!

Despite the fear in her heart, she knew that it was the choice she had to make because she had to bear the consequences of the wrong things she had done. There was no doubt that she would rather go to jail than live in the darkness all her life!

But in that case, no one would take care of Eden. Under this situation, it was undoubtedly the best choice to hand Eden over to Greg Wei!

It was totally understandable that Greg was Eden's father, as he had always been, but Greg had disappeared from her face since this morning, and his phone was also off. She couldn't find him anywhere!

It was not until now that Leona realized how lonely she was. She had no relatives or friends. The only man she trusted over the years was York. She didn't know where he was. What should she do?

When Leona was wandering on the street, a car stopped beside her. A man got out of the car and stood in front of her, writing brushes, and said, "Miss Ling, our commander wants to see you. Please come with me!"

Hearing that, Leona looked up and recognized that he was Lee, the bodyguard of Commander Chai. She felt a little nervous immediately and wondered why Commander Chai asked for her.

She was not sure whether Commander Chai had known that


Hearing this, Leona sighed slightly in her heart. It was indeed because of this thing that she knew the root cause of it. She collected her thoughts a little and said: "I'm sorry, I admit that what I did before had misled you. I'm sorry that I have caused your misunderstanding, but please believe me, from the beginning, I did not intend to cheat you, and I had reason to do so!"

"Reason? Mislead? Hum, do you know what you did should be called a fraud?" Jeremy got angry again because of what she said. She didn't admit that she lied to him on purpose but misled him. Did she mean that he was stupid?

Hearing this, Leona knew that she had to explain it clearly because soldiers were usually frank and didn't like to beat around the bush, especially Commander Chai!

"Commander Chai, fraud is too much. Fraud is deception. First of all, I don't deceive you on anything, so it's not fraud. And I haven't admitted personally that I am in a relationship with Hansome. You asked me to come to you for help at the very beginning. I admit that I didn't tell you the relationship between Hansome and me because of the tearing down thing, but I have only hidden part of the truth!" Leona said these words in a way neither humble nor pushy, and then fixed her eyes on Jeremy!

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