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   Chapter 453 Trap (Part Two)

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She would have been in jail if it weren't for the help of Greg and Hansome. That was all because of Samuel!

"Why, why did you do this kind of business? Once you take this path, your life will be over!" Although Samuel had framed her, in her heart, Leona still took him as her former friend. She didn't want to see him end up in this way!

"Why? Do you think I'm willing to do this? It's all because of Greg. My father wouldn't have died if he didn't covet my company, and I wouldn't be forced into this position! It's all because of him!" Samuel said with a ferocious look!

"That's your excuse!" However, Leona shook her head. She knew that no matter what she said, Samuel would not listen to her. In this case, she had no need to say these meaningless words!

Leona turned around and walked towards the door. She wanted to leave here, otherwise she might get involved in this event in the future once Theo was arrested. When Leona put her hand on the handle of the door, she sighed and said, "I will pretend that I know nothing about this. Goodbye!" Then she was about to leave!

"Hahaha..." Sitting behind the big desk made of red sandalwood and looking at Leona's back, Samuel sneered, "should I thank you for your accusation? But don't you think why would I dare to tell you such a confidential thing?"

Hearing that, Leona could not help but tremble for a while. According to her understanding of Samuel, it was impossible for him to tell such a confidential thing to others. He must have someone to count on as he dared to tell her so blatantly!

Hearing this, Leona turned around immediately and asked, "what do you mean?"

"What do you mean? Didn't I tell you earlier? On the goods that we have cooperated with last time, you have signed it. Do you need me to say more about the rest?" With a calculating smile on his face, Samuel saw that Le

ked slowly to behind Leona and gently hugged her. Leona's body was stiff instinctively. She broke free from his embrace and looked at him warily!

"Don't touch me!"

Samuel shrugged. He knew it was hard for her to accept it in a short time, but it didn't matter. He had enough patience for her. He could wait patiently for her to jump into the net he made for her!

"Okay, I won't touch you. What's your decision? Do you want to cooperate with me? " With his arms folded across his chest, Samuel stared at Leona leisurely!

At this moment, Leona was like a panicked little rabbit in front of him. With fear, helplessness, fear, hesitation and all kinds of emotions in her big eyes, Samuel enjoyed this process very much!

After a long while, Leona murmured, "I need to think it over!" Then she turned around and walked slowly towards the elevator!

Looking at her back, Samuel said, "You only have one day to prepare. Tomorrow the goods will arrive at the airport. If it is found out that something is wrong with the goods, you can deal with it by yourself!"

Leona shivered and didn't stop. She walked into the elevator, and the door closed slowly between them. She didn't want to see Samuel standing outside, which upset her!

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