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   Chapter 449 Being Rescued (Part Two)

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Seeing that the other party was still shooting without caring about his warning, the blood in General Zhang's body surged up instantly. General Zhang took out his gun quickly and shot in the air. "Stop! Or I'll shoot!" he shouted.

This did work. The two people who were still chasing after Greg saw the situation was bad, and knew that the situation was imminent, so they could only find a chance to strike back. They turned around and ran back, while the man pushed down by Wayne got away all of a sudden. They were about to leave!

But on a second thought, he thought that it might be useful to grab Wayne. At least, he needed to complete something and give his boss someone.

With one hand holding Wayne's neck, the two men disappeared with him!

"Damn it! Let Wayne down!" As soon as Greg saw Wayne was taken away, he got anxious at once, struggled to get up and tried to catch up with Wayne!

Just then, footsteps came from behind. General Zhang and battalion commander came to Greg. After seeing that the men have gone, they waved at two soldiers and indicated them to chase after them. Army commander Zhang said to battalion commander, "take him back to the camp and question him carefully!"

"Yes, sir!" The battalion commander made a salute to him and then took Greg on his shoulder. He was about to go back to the camp!

But Greg didn't want to go with them. Wayne was arrested, and he had to save Wayne. Greg struggled and shouted, "Let go of me! I'm going to save someone!"

Greg still didn't know who attacked them. There was no doubt that Wayne would be in danger in the hands of the enemies. He couldn't put Wayne in danger. Wayne knew a lot of secrets about him. Although he trusted Wayne, the consequences would be unimaginable if anything happened to Wayne!

General Zhang's brows were furrowed. He looked at the gun that was hanging on Greg's waist and said, "You should be arrested with your unregistered guns. Come with us and we'll find out who you are."

This neighborhood was a

fore this, Commander Chai have been to the Wei Group to look for someone, and that man was exactly named Greg Wei. General Zhang didn't expect that he would be here, so after a second thought, he dialed the phone of the Commander Chai.

Jeremy just got up and after breakfast, he was playing Tai Chi in the yard. At this time, Lee took out his phone, stood behind Jeremy and said, "Commander, general Zhang is calling."

"Well, give it to me!" After Jeremy took back his moves, he turned around and took the phone from Lee. He asked in a loud voice, "Zhang, what's up?"

General Zhang replied at once, "Commander, Greg Wei is at my hand!"

Greg Wei? Jeremy was shocked for a moment, but then he remembered that Greg was the man who had been with Leona before. Moreover, he was Howard's grandson. Jeremy raised up his voice, "Where is he? Bring him to me right now!"

General Zhang was almost deafened by a sudden roar, and he quickly took away his mobile phone from his ear. After Jeremy finished talking, he took it over again and said, "I'm afraid I can't do that now. Greg was shot and hasn't woken up. I saw him being chased by someone at the battalion one. Yes, I will send him to you as soon as he wakes up!"

After hanging up the phone, Jeremy couldn't calm down. He thought to himself, 'Howard Wei, let's square the account.

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