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   Chapter 448 Being Rescued (Part One)

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The remaining Nissan had dashed to the guardrail as well. When the man saw the broken Lamborghini through the broken guardrail, he with the gun in his hand suddenly aimed at the Lamborghini and shot it!

Bang! The Lamborghini, which was about to explode, exploded under the effect of the bullet. The air rose up a huge mushroom cloud, and the sound of explosion echoed in the sky. The golden fire was like a gorgeous glow of the sun!

As soon as Greg took two steps backward, he felt a violent vibration behind him. Both of them took advantage of this opportunity and collapsed on the ground!

The broken pieces fell on the two and around them. After a long time, the explosion finally stopped. Greg stood up from the ruin. He looked for Wayne and found him, then carrying Wayne and walking out.

There was a sharp pain on his leg, and Greg was badly injured by the debris. His pants were soon soaked with blood, but he didn't care about it at all. He just wanted to stay away from here as soon as possible!

"They are still alive!" The two men on the road said as they pointed at Greg, who was carried by Wayne Zhang on his back. At the same time, one man held up the gun again and pulled the trigger at Greg's head!

Their voice came to Wayne and Greg. Wayne Zhang looked up and saw the dark gunpoint aiming at them. Wayne immediately tried to push Greg's head down, and he took a strong pull himself, trying to block the deadly blow!

Another gunshot came. Wayne was shot on the back shoulder. His clothes were almost soaked through by the gunshot, and he felt he was fading away!

He knew that he was on the verge of collapse, so he weakly leaned on Greg's shoulder and said, "Mr. Wei, I'm really exhausted. Put me down, please go, or It's too late!" That was all his strength!

Greg said firmly, "We'll be fine. I'll take you out of here." Then he walked forward firmly. At the same time, the gun in his hand did not let go. He turned

hey heard the gunshot from a distance. They turned around at the same time and wondered who dared to shoot here. Although it was not in the downtown area, there was only a battalion nearby. Their own people could not shoot randomly. It must be someone from outside!

Then General Zhang and the battalion commander of a military region quickly rushed outside. Just as they rushed out, they saw a few figures rushing over in front of them. Since they were too far away to see clearly, General Zhang shouted in a loud voice, "who is there? Come out!"

A loud and clear voice spread far away in the dense forest, and the people opposite could hear it clearly. Immediately, Greg was happy. As he was at the front, Greg had seen two men in military uniforms standing there. They were finally saved!

At this time, the two people who were chasing behind also realized that they were in trouble. The man who rushed to the front lifted the gun without saying a word and tried to kill Greg. As long as Greg was killed, their task would be complete!

Wayne, who was lying on the ground, noticed that the man was trying to do something bad to Greg. He then put all his strength to make an attack on the man and brought him to the ground. Wayne held on to the man's arm tightly and shouted, "Run, Mr. Wei!"

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