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   Chapter 445 Challenge Life and Death (Part Two)

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"Are you ready?" Leona nodded as she heard Greg, closing her eyes as hard as she could. In order not to disappoint her son, she was going all out today!

"Then we are going to jump!" Greg said with a smile on his face as he saw Leona's nervous expression!

Leona was very annoyed by him. Why was this pig so annoying? She was losing the confidence she had built up. "Why are you talking so much? Hurry up! "

Suddenly, Greg was frightened as Greg sprawled her into arms. As soon as she opened her eyes, they tilted their bodies and went straight down the cliff.

"Ah!" Terrified by this sudden change, Leona held him by arms out of instinct, and the next second, the wind blew near her ears!

But as soon as Leona heard Greg's steady and powerful heartbeat, she actually felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest, but she didn't feel scared as she had expected. And soon she calmed down miraculously!

"Yours is yours, mine is also yours!" Greg suddenly said something. Leona was surprised by it.

When Leona was about to look up, Greg lowered his head and kissed her directly. With her eyes wide open, Leona couldn't believe that Gregdid such a thing to her under this situation!

The distant whistles and cheers were heard. "Be together!"

"Wow, how romantic!"

It was the first time that Leona had done such an exciting thing in her life, not to mention she had done it with Greg!

By this time the rope had reached the bottom of the deck, and due to the strong impact, the two people were pushed back into the air again. That's a speed of life and death that made Leona more feel that death was in front of her eyes and was about to perish. However, death wasn't terrible either because of Greg!

She couldn't describe how she felt. The speed was so fast that it was beyond the limit of life and death, and she had

ought. He wondered whether he was in her dream or not. But he guessed maybe not.

Leona's words that she had said today were deeply engraved on the heart of Greg. He was shocked. It turned out that she hated him so much!

Actually, Greg had known that she hated him, but he hadn't expected it to be this deep. Since things had come to this, he was willing to help her!

A few days ago, he received the news from Liam that Gordon was about to take actions. He had to hurry up!

If his guess was right, there must be some Gordon's people in these three forces which attacked the Wei Group. Last time, he kidnapped Eden and failed to make it. According to his understanding of Gordon, he knew that the other party would not let him go so easily!

Not taking out Gordon, the people around him were also in danger. He couldn't be able to deal without hurting himself.

'I'd better go for it, ' he thought, looking down at Leona's sleeping face, 'if I succeed, I will come back to find her'

He wanted after what happened yesterday, the grudge between them could be written off. At that time, he would chase her again and make her fall in love with him again! Of course there was a precondition, that he could come back alive!

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