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   Chapter 408 She Is A Bitch (Part One)

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"As a gentleman, how can I let a lady go home alone at this late hour? You can't ruin my perfect image! " Hansome joked!

Leona was amused by him. She was really happy to be with Hansome. She found that sometimes Hansome looked a little like York. They were both very outgoing, and that was why she was willing to be friends with him!

After telling the address of his home, the car drove all the way to the apartment. When they arrived at the downstairs, Hansome said, "here we are!" But he didn't open the door!

Leona looked at Hansome strangely. She opened the door again, but it was still closed. Finally, she said, "would you like to go upstairs and have a cup of coffee?"

"Okay. But isn't it inconvenient?" Said Hansome with a smile!

"Nothing. I usually live alone!" Leona said honestly!

"Usual times? Don't you have a boyfriend? " Hansome had known from Greg Wei that she had a child. Leona should live with the child as a matter of fact!

"Yes. My son will come back home only on weekends. So I usually live alone at home!" Leona had no intention of hiding the fact that she had c child.

"I see! Then I can rest assured! " Hansome murmured!

"What assured?" Leona looked at him doubtfully!

"Nobody will come out to hit me!" Hansome smiled again!

They walked towards the apartment while talking and laughing. Hansome walked beside Leona and looked around with a smile. He put his hand on her shoulder and looked like a couple from a distance!

Two men whispered to each other in secret, "Mr. Wei said we had to report something important to him. Should I report it to him?"

"Nonsense. It's nine o'clock now. Miss Ling took a man to her apartment. We have to report such a serious matter to him."

They took the elevator to the twelfth floor. Leona turned her purse upside down but didn't find the key. She said with chagrin, "Oh no! The key seems to have been lost!"

"Have a look. Fortunately, I come. Oth

k. She was playing with fire!

On the other side, Greg called Leona at once. He thought of what they might be doing right now, which drove him crazy!

When her phone rang, Leona answered it even without checking who was calling. She grumbled, "who is calling?"

"Leona, how dare you stay with another man behind my back, you..." Leona frowned and took her phone away from her ear. What's wrong with this pig?

"Greg, I'm very tired. I don't want to quarrel with you anymore. If you don't rest, I'll have to rest. That's it!" After saying that, Leona directly hung up the phone. In order to prevent him from calling again, she directly turned off the phone!

Looking at the phone that was hung up, she was driven crazy. When she called back, her phone was powered off. So she said she was tired? Maybe she was just tired from the sex with that man.

Greg was so angry that she wanted to cry. He thought to himself, "You bitch! I'll lock you up after I go back. Then you won't be able to attract other men anymore!"

When Leona woke up in the sunshine in the morning, she stretched herself comfortably and hadn't slept like this for a long time. She turned on her phone and saw dozens of missed calls from Greg Wei all of a sudden. With a finger of her hand, she deleted them directly!

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