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   Chapter 407 Bitch (Part Two)

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"Yes, sir!" When the guard heard the noise, he immediately came in from the door and stood there to salute!

"Go and investigate who did this behind my back. Report to me once you find out!" Jeremy said with a pale face. It was obvious that someone was doing something bad in his name. He wouldn't let them off lightly!

"Yes, sir!" Lee left immediately after receiving the order!

"Leona, don't worry about it. Grandpa will take care of it." Jeremy held Leona's hand and said. He was more satisfied with his granddaughter in law!

Hansome looked at the clock on the wall and found that it was already eight o'clock in the evening. His grandfather looked tired. He noticed that Leona was on the verge of nervous when she was chatting with his grandfather, looking at him from time to time!

"Grandpa, it's very late now. I have to drive Leona back. We have to work tomorrow!" Hansome stood up and walked to Leona, putting his hand on her shoulder naturally!

Hearing this, Leona went stiff. His warm palm passed through her clothes to her shoulder, which made her blush!

Looking at all this, Jeremy was very happy. He thought that the two children might have a chance to get together, so he quickly said, "right. Look, grandpa is so happy that he has forgotten that you have to go to work tomorrow. Go and see me when you have time. Don't worry about that. As long as there's any news, I'll ask Hansome to tell you that everything can be solved as long as grandpa is there!"

"Thank you, grandpa!" Said Leona gratefully!

"Well, Grandpa, we are leaving now!" Hansome held Leona's hand, said goodbye to Jeremy and walked out!

As soon as they came to the yard, Leona wanted to pull her hand out, but Hansome still didn't want to let her go. Leona looked at him strangely!

Hansome smiled and said, "Grandpa is still watchin

o back right now!

"Mr. Wei, it's a critical time for the negotiation. I can't control the whole situation if you leave now!" Wayne said anxiously over the phone!

"I don't care. I just want to come back as soon as possible!" Greg called loudly and then hung up the phone. He thought to herself, 'Leona, you said that we had no relationship, didn't you? This time, I'll let everyone in our company know about our relationship!

After hanging up the phone, Leona saw that Greg was calling again, but she immediately hung it up without saying anything. She was very tired and didn't want to quarrel with him anymore!

As long as the project was finished this time, she could transfer all the 200 million into York's account and then she would realize her wish!

Maybe she would stay in the Wei Group, or she would leave. Anyway, she didn't want to be annoyed by Greg anymore!

"Did you quarrel with your boyfriend? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made a sound just now. This way, you won't have any quarrel with each other. I just don't know where you live! " Hansome said deliberately!

Leona looked at him apologetically and said, "No, I don't have a boyfriend. You can just leave me here. I will go back by subway!"

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