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   Chapter 394 An Engagement Fake (Part One)

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At this time, Hansome's grandfather's anger was slightly eased. He had seen his grandson since he was a child and always obeyed his orders. Except for two things!

The first thing was that Hansome didn't join the army at that time. According to his plan, he asked Hansome to train in the army for a few years. With Hansome's strength, Hansome could stay in the army in the future. But Hansome didn't agree, he had to compromise in the end!

The second is the marriage. Hansome is twenty-six years old, but he doesn't have a girlfriend. As his grandpa, he has been anxious, but there is no way for him to solve it. He has found numerous women for him. This bloke either refused or directly escaped from home. He was so angry but there is nothing he can do!

He was nearly seventy years old, and his biggest wish was to see Hansome get married and have a child before he closed his eyes. But this bloke didn't cooperate!

Jeremy Chai's face darkened as he looked at the gauze on Hansome's chest. The wound on his grandson's chest hurt. Although Jeremy was angry that he didn't behave, he couldn't ignore Hansome.

"Are you used to the hospital's meals? How about I ask the cook to bring some food here for you?" Jeremy said coldly!

"No, the food here is very good, don't bother grandpa!" Hansome necessities said quickly. The food made by Leona was the most delicious for him, but it's not the time to let Grandpa know her!

Otherwise, with his grandfather's character, he would surely investigate all of Leona's ancestors and then directly ask him to propose.

Now he had a very subtle relationship with Leona, and there was also a Greg Wei between them. He must deal with this very well!

As the clock on the wall pointed to six o'clock, it would be half past four if Leona went home to cook for him.

But grandpa was still here. He couldn't let them meet now. But he didn't dare to kick his grandpa out. It was really a kind of art work!

"Haha..." Seeing that time was almost up, Hansome yawned in a hurry, pretending to be very tired!

When Jeremy saw this, he knew that

iva! " Hansome said mischievously!

Hearing what he said, Leona blushed. She pushed the lunch box forward and said, "never mind. You can eat it!"

"Then I won't eat. Even if I don't eat, I won't starve to death. The worst result is that my wound will recover a little later!" Hansome leaned back and was about to do something!

Seeing this, Leona surrendered, "Okay, okay. It's up to you. The patient is the most important, okay?"

When Hansome saw that she finally compromised, he leaned over again. The two heads rested on each other and had dinner. From time to time, Hansome put some meat in the bowl of Leona's hand, and Leona also put some food in his bowl. From a distance, the atmosphere was unusually warm!

The door was ajar. A pair of eyes were staring at what was going on inside the room. When Hansome looked at Leona, his eyes were full of love, the person at the door tightly grasped the nurse uniform. Was Hansome going to pretend to do it?

They talked and laughed, and the dinner ended in a happy atmosphere in a blink of an eye. Seeing that Leona was about to leave after cleaning up the bowls and chopsticks, Hansome suddenly felt a little reluctant to part with her!

Hansome opened her mouth, trying to say something, but he failed. Hansome had been in hospital for more than half a month, during which Leona sent dinner on time every day. They were so tacit!

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