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   Chapter 325 Go To Court (Part Two)

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At this moment, Greg was far away in Europe. He had heard the news of the kidnappers of Eden. So Greg told them not to act rashly, because this matter had a lot of hands on it, and they might act rashly and alert the enemy!

To catch that gangster was not the ultimate goal. He wanted to find out who was behind this. Otherwise, when a gangster was caught, there would be more gangsters coming out. They were in the light, but their enemies were in the dark.

Both Leona and Eden were the most important people for Greg. They couldn't defeat him before because Greg didn't have any weakness and were taken advantage of. But now, things were different. He had to do his best to protect the people he loved!

On hearing Wayne's report, Greg was furious. "Didn't I tell you to protect them? Why did this happen again?"

Wayne said with remorse, "Miss Ling was working that day. It was not convenient for us to follow her. What should we do now?"

Thinking about it for a while, Greg decided that she had to solve it by himself. Though Wayne was capable, he was still worried about Leona, so he said to a man, "Liam, I need to go to England now. Keep an eye on him during this period, and report to me if anything goes wrong."

Although Liam was tall and strong, he wasn't that bulky. He had been working for Greg for more than ten years and he was one of Greg's reliable subordinates I'm afraid that they will attack directly!"

Greg raised one hand to stop Liam from saying more. Leona and her son were the most important people in his life. If anything happened to them, it didn't matter how powerful he could be.

No one could share his success with him. He could only feel the sadness of being unable to live in a higher place. Before he had them, he never felt so depressed, but now he had to think about it!

"That's a deal. You don't need to worry about me. Just remember to k

en seriously hit. It still needs more time if he can wake up!"

Leona nodded her head and said nothing. She always believed that a clean hand wants no washing. The truth would come to light sooner or later on what she had never done!

At this moment, sitting in the president's office, Greg said, "I have found the most authoritative brain specialist in the world, Joe. Please make sure that James will wake up as soon as possible, because he is the most direct witness. Everything will be fine as long as he wakes up!"

Hearing that Joe was coming, the president of the hospital accepted Greg's decision with great joy. After all, Joe was an excellent doctor. If it were not for Mr. Wei, Joe would have come to his hospital. He said excitedly, "Joe? He is the most authoritative doctor in brain science in the world. It's so good that he can come. I'll call all the doctors here and ask him to make a speech."

The next day, James was thoroughly checked and operated on by Joe. The operation was very successful. As long as he woke up, James could tell the truth!

Of course, Leona was very happy to hear the news. Windy next to her was even happier, crying on her shoulder. If James was dead, she was not sure whether she had the courage to live on.

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