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   Chapter 323 Women Are Always Blind In Front Of Love (Part Two)

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Jessica thought so, but then worried, "what if he accuses us if we don't help him? If the business investigation department got involved in this matter, both of us would be in trouble!"

George laughed, "Accuse? He could sue anyone he likes. The proposal was stolen by his girlfriend. Why should we care? You just promised him verbally to hold an art exhibition. He has no evidence to testify against you. Do you think he will go to the court to accuse Windy? Don't forget that Windy is still pregnant with his child!"

Hearing that, Jessica was relieved. Jessica said like a spoiled child, "Honey, I know you are the smartest and you are always thoughtful. I love you so much!"

George pinched her nose and laughed, "Of course, or else how could I get this seat? Will you fall in love with a fool?" After saying that, he turned over and came close to her again.

His eyes twinkled with delight. He had just used Jessica to get what he wanted, and he wouldn't give it up yet.

The whole thing was Jessica contacting James, and it had nothing to do with George. If James reported it, it would be more likely to get Jessica involved. Therefore, George was not worried at all!

Although George was a little dissatisfied with Jessica's intelligence quotient, he thought it was easier to control this kind of woman.

Time passed by day by day, but there was no enmity between Leona and Wendy. Some of her followers were still in a much better relationship with her than with Jessica, which made Jessica very dissatisfied, but she had no choice!

However, Leona didn't show any displeasure on her face. She finished all the work as fast as she could, leaving no chance for Jessica to get hold of her!

One month had passed, and Jessica had already forgotten about James's art exhibition. Jessica came to the parking lot after work and was about to start the car.

Suddenly, a man walked out and stood in front of her car, blocking her way. He asked, "Jessi

had said. This woman was really stupid. How did she get her diploma at a master degree?

This was a criminal case, and George did not want to get involved in it, and it was not worth taking the risk for a woman like Jessica. He said at once, "You can go to confess!"

It was out of Jessica's expectation that George would say something like that. Jessica screamed in disbelief, "George, do you mean I should turn myself in? No, I can't go to jail, or my whole life will be over. George, please help me. For the sake of our relationship, please!"

George, however, said with a cold face, "You shouldn't have come to me at such a moment. Instead, you should have called the police directly. The judge will give a lenient sentence since you didn't hit someone deliberately!"

At this point, Jessica was completely desperate. She had never thought that this man was such a heartless man. She had helped him a lot before, and now he wanted to push her away after the accident.

It's not that easy to get rid of her. Luckily, Jessica set a trap in case of something like this, so that she could be saved. By now, Jessica had completely calmed herself down. She said to the phone, "George, I advise you to do me a favor. This is also a way to help you. Otherwise, you will be sorry for what you have done!"

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