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   Chapter 319 Friends And Love At Two Sides (Part Two)

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Her exclamation attracted the attention of others. Immediately, Xixi, John and Felic all came up to help check Leona's computer.

However, it was impossible to get the deleted things back. John frowned and said, "Have you copied it into the USB flash drive? In this way, even if you deleted it, as long as you find the previous trace, it is also possible to find it back!"

With a look of disdain, Felic remarked, "If she did, why do we have to look for it from the computer? It would be a piece of cake to get the USB flash drive. Even if she could find it back, there was little time left. It would take at least a few hours to get it back. Now there is less than half an hour left before the meeting. We have no other choice. It seems that our group has been definitely defeated this time!"

Although his words were not pleasant to hear, they were facts. For a moment, John did not know what to say. He could only frown and sigh.

Not only did they finish the program for Leona's promotion. Moreover, this was also related to the annual bonus of all of them. For John, who was short of money, this was really bad news!

Seeing that, Xixi was at a loss as well. She asked anxiously, "what should we do now? The project plan was lost, but they couldn't finish it in time. How could they lose anything in the process? Someone must have stolen it. Who is it? "

Windy stood by silently, feeling both sad and worried. She clutched her hands tightly and kept silent!

Seeing that they couldn't do anything about it, the other people, like Jessica, took a dark pleasure in their misfortune. Crossed her arms over his chest, Jessica said coldly, "the business plan is lost? Or is that you didn't do it at all. Or you sold to another company. It's not a big deal."

Noticing that Jessica was making fun of her, Xixi retorted, "why did you accuse us of selli


Leona calmly stood up, bowed to everyone and said, "I'm sorry, everyone. I don't have the business plan!"

The general manager didn't expect this result either. He had planned that if the two plans were similar, even if Leona's might be a little worse, he would also promote Leona to the planning supervisor reasonably!

After all, he was the only one who knew that Leona had a relationship with the boss. He helped her, and in some way, he was helping himself.

But he couldn't make the decision too blatantly. Although he was the boss of Turner, he had to make the decision wholeheartedly. Today, Leona said that she didn't have the business plan, so how could he help her?

The general manager hesitated and said, "Director Ling, I noticed that your team was busy all the time the other day, so I believe that they have already prepared the proposal. Is there anything wrong that caused your team not to hand it in?"

The general manager kept winking at Leona. As long as she said that the business plan was lost, or if there was any important reason, he would immediately announce that the next week's assessment would be conducted.

He didn't care if her proposal was really lost. All he needed was an excuse!

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