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   Chapter 314 You Are Far Behind (Part One)

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Greg's eyes became sharp for what Leona said. She claimed that they had no relationship. It seemed that he needed to let her know her identity!

At that moment, Greg lowered his head and a shadow cast over her. Quickly, the trick that Rosa taught her during the day came to her mind.

Totally immersed in it, Greg was still very angry. At this moment, all he wanted to do was to punish her and make her feel his pain!

"Well..." All of a sudden, Greg felt a sharp pain in his ribs. As a result of the bumping, he bent down and looked at Leona in shock.

Wayne had told him everything in details when he came back. Probably the woman learnt it from Rosa. How dared she do something to him?

Actually, she could bring him no harm with her strength. But he had been shot when Eden was kidnapped.

Although the wound on his face had healed, it hadn't been completely healed. At this moment, he was bumped into here by Leona coincidentally. All of a sudden, waves of piercing pain spread all over his body, and he could not help but sweat on his forehead!

In a moment of desperation, she hit him hard on the ribs with her elbow. Seeing his painful look, she was overjoyed and didn't expect this to work!

Looking at the pain on Greg's face, Leona didn't feel as happy as she used to be. It had been seven years, and she finally became the one not being bullied.

Finally, she was free again. Standing on the ground like a queen, Leona said scornfully, "I surprised you, didn't I? I tell you, I won't be bullied by you like before. Hand over Eden now, or I'll beat the living daylights out of you!"

Greg Wei held back the pain and slowly stood up. He said with a scornful smile on his face, "do you think that's enough? What else have you learned? Why not use them all and let me see how good you are!"

As he spoke, Greg approached Le

ing in front of the big French window and looking at the sky outside, Greg was smoking with a cigarette in her mouth. He had to leave for a period of time because of something urgent.

Last time, when Eden was kidnapped, he had gotten some information, so he had to go to the check it in person. After all, Eden was his son. He couldn't allow them to be threatened, especially because of him!

He stayed in Britain because he wanted to protect Leona and Eden personally. Only in this way could he protect them more effectively.

But he couldn't expose them to the eyes of the other party, or it would be too dangerous, so he couldn't show too much concern. During the time he left, he would let someone secretly protect the mother and the son, until he handled all the problems!

At this moment, there was a sound from the back door. Knowing that it was Leona coming out, Greg did not turn around and just said lightly, "are you awake? You are really a good sleeper!"

Leona rolled her eyes at him in a huff. It was all because of him. Otherwise, how could she get up so late? She didn't forget the purpose she came here yesterday. She came to Greg behind him, with both hands on the table, and said, "I want to see Eden!"

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